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Modern Farmhouse Style Lighting Ideas

modern farmhouse style lighting ideas

Practical, simple, and charming: That’s how we’d describe the farmhouse style that so many homeowners have fallen in love with. This trend has transformed from a traditional, country feel to more of a sleek, contemporary twist. Think less of the “market fresh” and “gather” decor with faux-distressed cabinets and furnishings, and more of the sleek lines, industrial metals, matte blacks, and brushed golds that many people associate with modern design.

But wait…is the farmhouse style still trendy? Yes, as long as it’s the modern farmhouse style, which remains popular and continues to be a go-to design choice for many homeowners. We often see clients choose the modern farmhouse design for their kitchens, foyers, mudrooms, family rooms and home offices.

Keeping the country + contemporary characteristics of the modern farmhouse in mind, what light fixtures match this style? We’ve rounded up some of the most popular modern farmhouse design choices for lighting below:
Caged Chandeliers

These farmhouse-style light fixtures blend rustic charm with industrial lines. They have the look of a contemporary metal birdcage with the classic elegance of chandeliers. Depending on your color scheme and personal preferences, you can choose something that’s all metal, or something that combines rustic wood with sleek metals in matte black, brushed nickel, chrome, or brushed gold.

Wall-Mounted Barn Lights

Are you looking to replace a set of outdated wall sconces somewhere in your home? If you want the modern farmhouse style, matte black or bronze wall-mounted barn lights are the perfect option. These give the feel of a rustic barn combined with the sleek metal you often find in contemporary design. It’s the perfect combination of modern + farmhouse. Bonus: Even though these sconces look like they’re from the outside of a barn, they can be used inside the house, too.

Lantern Pendants

Lanterns are a staple in the farmhouse style because they have a truly vintage feel — after all, they were used for portable lighting before we had luxuries like flashlights and cellphone lights.

We’ve worked with many clients who choose lantern pendants for their two-story family rooms or kitchens, especially over the island or peninsula. These light fixtures come in all sorts of finishes, including brushed gold, which gives an eclectic, modern feel. It’s a style that’s sure to add to the modern farmhouse style you’re going for.

Check out some of our clients who’ve chosen lantern-style lights for their home remodels:

Rectangular, Wooden Box Lights

Why do these popular light fixtures exemplify the farmhouse style? They have the perfect combination of industrial metals with distressed wood (or faux wood). The metals give the lighting a sleek, sophisticated look, while the rustic wood provides a country feel. You can find these lights in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes — so you’re sure to find something that fits the rest of your room’s design scheme.

Wooden Drum Lights

Similar to the rectangular wooden box lights mentioned above, these light fixtures blend industrial metals with rustic wood, but on a smaller scale. They often feature chandelier-type light bulbs which add a feminine charm to the more masculine structure of the fixture. As flush mounts or semi-flush mounts, these lights are perfect for your farmhouse foyer, bathroom, laundry room, hallway, or mudroom.
Candlestick Pendant Lights

There’s something so sweet and charming about any type of light fixture that replicates the look of a candlestick. It takes us back to a simpler time when people used candlelight to guide the way. These light fixtures are popular with farmhouse styles because they add an elegant component and help balance out the more rustic features of modern farmhouse style, like wooden beams on the ceiling or warm-toned flooring and trim.

If you want your home remodel to have the modern farmhouse style, make sure to think about how the lighting will reflect that. It’s easy to find modern farmhouse style light fixtures — there are so many out there, it might be hard to choose! Just focus on finding the perfect blend of the rustic, country style mixed with industrial, contemporary elements. Think wood + metal, and choose something that speaks to you.

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