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8 Good Reasons to Remodel Your House

reasons to remodel your house

When you think about your current home, are there things you wish you could change? Do you often dream about having more space, or a better kitchen layout, or a bathroom with a beautiful tile shower and soaking tub? If you envision any of these changes to your space, they could be good reasons to remodel your house.

Why Remodel Your House? 8 Good Reasons

If you’re not living in your dream home, we want to help get you there. Would it be easier to put your home on the real estate market and buy something different? Not necessarily. Moving is expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. And it’s impossible if there’s nothing suitable on the market. Instead, here are some good reasons why remodeling could be a better idea.

1) You Need More Space

Do you need more square footage to feel comfortable in your current home? Maybe you think building or moving to a different house is the answer. While you could move to a bigger home, you could also build an addition on your current home to add more square footage.

There are so many ideas for adding more living space to your home, and it can be a fun and rewarding project. Whether you add a bedroom, expand the kitchen or living room, or add a second story, you’ll love the extra breathing room you get without having to move.

2) You Want a More Open Floor Plan

If you have a home that you love but it suffers from a surplus of tiny rooms, awkward hallways or a badly organized layout, a renovation that creates an open floor plan can be the perfect solution. Depending on your floor plan, removing walls could brighten and broaden the space, giving the impression that it’s bigger without adding any extra square footage.

3) The Kitchen Doesn’t Meet Your Needs

Is your current kitchen cramped and inefficient? The kitchen is often one of the most-used rooms in the house and a focal point for family gatherings or get-togethers with friends. Through a remodel, you could expand it with a kitchen bump-out, then improve the layout and functionality with new cabinets, countertops, and appliances. You don’t have to move to a different house to have a kitchen that you love.

4) You Want to Increase Your Home’s Value

You can add value to your home with a properly executed home renovation. Experts have said for years that kitchen and bathroom remodels are two of the best investments you can make in your home. A reputable design-build firm will make sure that your design dreams are fulfilled without adding “too much” for your home and neighborhood.

In most cases, if you’re dealing with an outdated kitchen, an update that fits the style of the home will certainly add value to your home. Or, at the very least, increase your home’s appeal to future buyers.

5) You Need More Bedrooms or Bathrooms

Do you have another baby on the way, but not enough bedrooms? Or maybe you have a child coming home from college or a relative moving in because they need extra help. No matter the situation, you can remodel your home to add another bedroom or bathroom. This will not only make your home more functional, it’ll also increase its value.

6) Your Home Needs Updating

Was your home built decades ago and still looks the same? Do you feel like your neighbors’ homes are modern and updated, while yours looks like a blast from the past? Remodeling can help with that issue. Bring your home into the current decade by updating its flooring, baseboards, doors, light fixtures, paint, and bathroom/kitchen finishes. You’ll be astounded at the difference it makes.

7) Your Home Doesn’t Feel Like Home

If you love your home but it doesn’t feel quite right, a remodel might help. You can choose the exact design and finishes that meets your style and makes your home feel like home. We know this home is special to you — you wouldn’t have bought it if that wasn’t the case. But we want your home to feel perfect for you and your family, and a remodel can get it there.

8) You Can Make the Most of a Small Space

Let’s say you have a small hall bathroom that isn’t functional. Remodeling can breathe new life into that bathroom and make the most of the space. So if you have a smaller hall bathroom, don’t hesitate to upgrade it not only for visual appeal but functionality, too. Both focuses will pay off in the long run.

Another way you can make the most of a tight space is changing the layout. If you have a home that you love but it’s broken up into tiny rooms or an awkward layout, a renovation that reconfigures your floor plan can be the perfect solution.

There are so many good reasons to remodel your home. Whether you’re considering a small renovation or something large like a whole home remodel, we’re here for you every step of the way.

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