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Get the Most Out of Your Smaller Hall Bathroom

Hall Bathroom

It’s true — bathrooms can make or break the appeal of a house. Having a desired amount of bathrooms not only helps sell homes, it keeps current owners happy, too. No one wants a disproportionate bathroom-to-person ratio. The only thing worse is outdated and inefficient bathrooms.

Experts have said for years that kitchen and bathroom remodels are two of the best investments you can make in your home. So if you have a smaller hall bathroom, don’t hesitate to upgrade it not only for visual appeal but functionality, too. Both focuses will pay off in the long run.

Now the question becomes: How can you make the most of your smaller hall bathroom?

Keep the Color Palette Soft and Simple

Soft Color Palette

Bold, dark colors tend to make rooms feel smaller, whereas lighter, soft colors can make rooms feel larger. Use this strategy with your small bathroom to keep it from feeling claustrophobic. Soft blues, greens, yellows, and grays are popular options right now. But if you must go dark, opt for only using a bold color on one accent wall or feature in the room.

Maximize Space

Maximize Space

Do you have a linen closet or other storage located in or near the bathroom? If so, consider swapping your bulky, outdated vanity cabinet with a slimmer pedestal sink. Pedestal sinks trick the eye into thinking the room is larger than it actually is, and they can be a beautiful statement piece. Adding a large mirror to complement the sink is another way to brighten up the small space.

Establish a Focal Point

Focal Point

Just like the pedestal sink draws the eye, having one central focal point can add a “wow factor” to your small hall bathroom. For example: Create a tile mosaic accent wall behind the sink. For a more cost-effective option, use stencils and paint to create a patterned wall. Another idea is to splurge on an elaborate mirror or pendant fixture. Let your creativity shine here.

Draw the Eye Up

Draw Eye Up

When you have a small space like a hall bathroom, take advantage of the height the room offers — especially if you have taller-than-average ceilings. Use crown molding or a ceiling medallion with a beautiful light fixture. This will draw attention to the height of the room and away from the perimeter.

Use Glass

Glass Small Bath

If your small hall bathroom has a shower, install a frameless glass door to maximize visual space. This keeps the room open and bright, and glass shower doors are modern, eye-catching features. They’re also easier to clean and maintain long-term compared to a shower curtain.

Stick With One Type of Metal

Metal Small Bath

Can’t decide between brushed nickel, polished chrome, brushed gold or oil-rubbed bronze? Do whatever you have to do to choose one — don’t mix and match different finishes. Having more than one finish looks confusing and unflattering. On the other hand, one finish throughout will give your bathroom a clean, sophisticated look.

Whether you’re embarking on a complete renovation or just small tweaks, you can make your small hall bathroom more beautiful and functional than ever before. All it takes is some thoughtful design choices and the overarching goal of maximizing space.

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