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What Room Additions Add the Most Value to a Home?

what room additions add the most value to a home

If there’s one surefire way to add value to your home, it’s through a room addition. Increasing the square footage of your home is always a win, no matter which type of room you add. But certain room additions will add more value to your home than others. But what room additions add the most value to a home?

Does adding an extra bedroom have the same effect on your home’s value as adding a mudroom? No — every type of room addition comes with its own average return on investment (ROI). When deciding on the right room addition, it’s smart to choose what will get you the most bang for your buck.

Let’s examine some of the most popular types of room additions to see how much value they add, on average.

6 Room Additions That Add the Most Value to a Home

1. Kitchen Bump-Out

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: A kitchen is the central gathering space in a home. If your kitchen is small, cramped, and inefficient, your home’s value won’t be as high as if the kitchen were big, open, and updated. By expanding it with an addition (and a full remodel), you’ll have more room for cooking, gathering, and cleaning up. A kitchen expansion will get you an ROI of at least 80%.

2. Second Story Addition

Adding a second story to your house is a huge project, but it drastically changes the value of your home. If you don’t have the land to build onto the first story, there’s nowhere to go but up. Even though this type of addition is more complex than other types, it can double your square footage and add a ton of appeal to homebuyers. You can expect an ROI of about 65% for a full two-story addition, which means the less you spend on this project, the more you can recoup.

Learn more about adding a second story addition to your home.

3. Primary Suite Addition

Does your existing primary bedroom share a bathroom with the other bedrooms? Adding a primary suite that includes a large primary bathroom and walk-in closet is not only a functional and smart choice for day-to-day living, it’s a good investment. This type of addition brings, on average, a 63% return. The financial aspect is great — now think of the relaxing haven you can create for yourself (or potential homebuyers).

Are you convinced?

4. Extra Bedroom Addition

The number of bedrooms in your home has a huge impact on it’s value. For example, the value of a 3-bedroom home is much higher than a comparable 2-bedroom home. Most buyers want at least 3 bedrooms, especially with more people working from home these days.

Keep in mind that for this type of addition to qualify as a bedroom, it must have lighting, a closet, and a window with at least 70 square feet of floor space. When done right, you can expect to recoup 53% to 75% of your investment from building an extra bedroom.

5. Bathroom Addition

A bathroom addition brings a 53% ROI, on average. It’s one of the smartest additions you can add to your home in terms of ROI. This is especially true if your current residence has fewer bathrooms than other comparable homes in your neighborhood or an unfavorable ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms.

6. Sunroom Addition

A sunroom or three-season room is an affordable way to give your home more square footage, especially if you want an additional area to relax and unwind. There are so many different purposes for these unique, light-filled spaces. Whether it’s an extra living area, a hobby room, an office, or extra dining space, you’re sure to increase the value of your home with a sunroom addition. Expect to see an increase of about 50% of the money you spent on the addition.

Any amount of new square footage is going to add value to your home, but certain rooms are more valuable than others. You may not get 100% of your investment back after adding an addition, but you’re sure to see the value of your home rise when it comes time to sell. If you’re not sure where to begin, see our post on which questions to ask before building an addition.

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