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Game Room Ideas and Inspiration that Win Every Time

Ready, set, it’s game room time. Everyone loves a good escape where they can feel like a kid again and bust out their competitive side. That’s why many people decide to renovate an area of their home for use as a game room. This popular concept provides a space to unwind, have fun, and make memories with loved ones — right in your own home.

Let’s bring your vision to life. If you could build your ultimate game room, what would it look like? What elements are must-haves? There are so many possibilities when remodeling this family-friendly space. It all depends on your interests, needs, and vision. For ideas and inspiration, check out what some of the most popular game rooms include below.

The Classic Pool Table and TV Area

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One of the most common components of a game room is the pool table + TV-viewing combination. Invite over some friends, turn on the football game, and play a round of pool. You can catch those exciting plays while dominating in billiards. It’s the perfect scenario for sports-loving homeowners.

Built-In Bars & Kitchenettes

Now let’s take that pool table and TV area to another level with a built-in bar or kitchenette. These are must-haves for convenience of hosting friends and family — food and drinks are within reach at any point in the gathering. Why should you have to walk all the way upstairs from the basement to grab a drink or make popcorn? By adding a built-in bar with cabinets, a beer or wine fridge, countertops, microwave, and sink, everything you need for a refreshing drink or snack is within reach.

For this component, many of our clients choose cabinets and countertops that are both appealing and durable. Remember this aspect of the remodel includes plumbing and electrical work, so coordinate with your contractor to locate the best place in the game room for these additions.

A Golf Simulator

Golf simulator

Golf-lovers: It’s time to think big. Can you imagine having a golf-simulator in your house? It’s totally possible — in fact, we’ve built this for a client in the past. This home golf simulator room was fully equipped with:

  • Carpeted walls and ceiling – specifically made to be a wall protector
  • Screen – specialty screen for optimal color and durability for golf balls
  • Spotlight – perfectly dimensioned to shine on the golf ball being hit
  • Projector – dimensioned to manufacturer specifications for optimal simulation
  • Equipment – housed in a custom-built cabinet to be placed at optimal distance for tracking and running the software
  • Future Camera – dimensioned optimally for the client to be able to capture his full swing from multiple angels
  • Tee Box Turf – customized section to allow for a golf tee to be placed in it with ease

In this example, we turned a third car garage bay into a golf-simulation room. But depending on the amount of space, it could be added to any other area of your home. This example also included a wet bar for easy access to refreshments, as well as a dedicated space to keep golf equipment.

Arcade Games

Arcade Game Basement Remodel

When you step into your game room, do you want to step back in time? Adding vintage arcade games can really bring you back to a different era. That’s what we did for one of our clients as part of a whole home renovation.

The room included cozy carpeting, a plethora of lighting, throwback games and slot machines, and comfortable seating. Whether you want your arcade room to include a variety of games, or just a few of your favorites, your options are endless. It’s sure to bring out the kid in you and become the space where smiles, laughter, and happy memories thrive.

Nearby Half Bathroom

Half Bathroom

When remodeling your home for a game room, convenience is key. Who wants to go all the way upstairs to use the restroom in the middle of a heated billiards or foosball match? Make these breaks quick and easy with the addition of a half bathroom just off the game room.

We’ve worked with numerous clients to add or renovate half bathrooms in their homes. It’s all about making the most of the small space with a not-too-large vanity, sink and toilet, as well as proper placement of all items for movement flow. Of course, electrical and plumbing work are required, too. Talk to us about adding this component for increased convenience and efficiency.

Video Gaming

For many people, feeling like a kid again means getting comfortable in front of a huge television and breaking out the video games. For this use, you need the right layout, proper lighting, plenty of room for seating, and lots of SOUND.

It’s a good idea to consider sound-proofing the room if you plan to use it for video gaming. Adding special insulating material inside the walls can help reduce noise both ways. This helps fill the pockets of air found inside your walls. The thicker the insulation, the better the sound-proofing capabilities.

Another way to sound-proof your video gaming room is to add acoustic panels on the wall. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, so your game room can still look awesome while cutting out echoes or external sounds. That way you can blast your video game audio as loud as you want.

Any of these game room ideas can turn a plain, unused space into a gamer’s oasis. This room is all about you and your loved ones having a good time. Make the most of it.

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