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Family Room Design Ideas for Ultimate Relaxation

Family room design ideas for ultimate relaxation

When you think of the one place in your home where you can unwind and destress, what comes to mind? We’d put our money on the family room — one of the most central and well-loved areas of a home.

Many of our clients renovate their homes to make them more updated, inviting, and relaxing. This is especially true for family and living rooms where most people want to decompress after a long day. So, how do you ensure your renovated family room has elements that promote relaxation?

Here are a few ideas this popular hangout space into the perfect area to unwind with loved ones:

A Stunning Fireplace

Many of our clients either have an outdated fireplace they want to refresh, or the desire to add a fireplace to their home. No matter which category you fall into, we’ve got plenty of experience creating breathtaking hearths in the heart of the home.

Whether you do a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace that takes your breath away, or a classic brick fireplace updated with a gorgeous mantel, it’s sure to be the focal point of the room. Add a warm fire and it becomes the perfect feature to have in your family room to make it a haven for relaxation and comfort.

Comfortable Flooring

The type of flooring you use in your family room can make or break how relaxing it feels. For example, tile floors in a family room might not feel very inviting and comfortable. On the other hand, plush carpet or elegant hardwood flooring will add warmth and coziness to the space. If you’re not a fan of those options, luxury vinyl plank flooring can give you the look of hardwood while maintaining the right amount of cushion and comfort. When you take your shoes off and step into the room, your feet will relish in the soft, inviting feel of these types of flooring below them.

Warm Colors

Paint has a huge impact on the mood of a room. It can make a wall stand out, make a room feel larger, or make a space feel smaller and cozier. If your goal for your family room is relaxation, stay away from trendy bold and bright colors and stick with warm neutrals. Beiges, grays, browns, and soft blues and greens are often associated with calm, comfortable spaces.

Natural Lighting

There’s a reason many people associate nature with relaxation. Bring the outdoors into your family room by incorporating as many opportunities for natural light as you can. Add plenty of windows and even skylights to bring the sunshine in. Artificial light can seem harsh and unnatural, whereas lighting your space with natural sunlight feels just right.

Elements to Promote Quiet

Make your family room a calming oasis by keeping it quiet. Consider closing off your family room from other areas of the home. Open concept layouts sometimes make it more difficult to escape the hustle and bustle taking place in kitchens and eating areas.

If your family room is a separate space, you can close the door and cherish the quiet. But if you can’t close off your TV room from other areas of the house, consider design elements like half walls, french doors, or chic room dividers.

Built-in Storage

Did you know that studies have linked clutter with a decline in mental health? A messy environment leads to increased stress and anxiety. When it comes to your family room, it’s going to be hard to feel relaxed in a space that’s messy and unorganized.

To combat this problem, add built-in storage. You can build shelving and cabinets on either side of your fireplace, around your television, or under the stairway. Use these dedicated spots to store away the mess (in an organized way) so you don’t have to experience the negative mental health effects of clutter.

Soft Textiles

The construction of your family room renovation is only one part of the journey toward a relaxing space. The other part involves which furniture and accent pieces you fill it with. You can soften the space with plenty of textiles, including soft throw blankets, pillows, curtains, rugs, and comfortable seating. Choose a variety of shapes, fabrics, and patterns to give the space some flair and personality. Don’t be afraid to add your personal touch to this part of your family room’s design.

If relaxation is your goal for your family room renovation, we’ve got your back. Using some of the ideas above, you can create a comfortable, cozy space that becomes your favorite spot in the house.

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