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4 Foyer Entrance Ideas and Examples You’ll Love

Foyer Entry Way Remodel - Columbus Ohio

Beyond outside curb appeal, the foyer is usually the place where your home makes a first impression to guests. What does that first impression say? Is it dull, dark, and unimpressive? Or does it wow visitors with charm, elegance, and beauty?

If you’d describe your foyer using the first set of adjectives, it’s time to give it some love. A foyer remodel is the perfect way to add a wow-factor to the first room a guest sees when they open your front door. But what exactly should you do to improve your current foyer? Let’s explore some ideas and popular trends that we’ve been seeing.

Make it a Grand Entrance

foyer entrance Columbus, Ohio

If your two-story foyer has the potential to be grand, but needs a little boost, consider this example. With a modern chandelier, updated staircase railings, spindles, and treads, fresh paint, and new flooring, we took this foyer to the next level. Imagine the look of wonder that will flash across your guests’ faces as they walk through the front door of your foyer that looks like this.

Another focal point for both your home’s entryway and the exterior is the front door. Simply replacing your old front door with a newer, more modern one will add major beauty both inside and out. Choose one with windows, like the door in this example, to add more natural light to the space.

Open it Up

foyer remodel example Columbus OH

Some foyers, especially those in older homes, are cramped and closed-off to other rooms of the house. One way to bring your foyer into the 21st century is to make it more open to nearby rooms, such as the living room or kitchen. Believe it or not, before we got our hands on the house in this photo there were several giant pillars that blocked the view of that stunner of a fireplace. As you can see, opening it up made a drastic difference.

Maximize the Space

foyer renovation

When your home’s square footage is on the smaller side, you’ve got to make the most of what’s there. That means taking advantage of every little space, including the area in a foyer that sometimes goes to waste. In this client example, we added a versatile little nook for homework, storage and entertaining. Think about what your family could use more of and work with your designer to bring it to life.

Brighten it Up

foyer renovation example

Having a dark, dreary foyer is a surefire way to date your home. And since the entryway sets the tone for the rest of the house, you don’t want to start off on such a gloomy note. One simple way to brighten up a space — especially if adding more natural light with windows or skylights isn’t an option — is to use white wainscoting on the walls. Pair it with crisp white baseboard and crown molding to liven up the space even more.

There’s so much you can do to make your entryway more appealing to everyone who steps foot in your house. Simple changes (like new light fixtures, fresh paint, or the addition of wainscoting and crown molding) as well as bigger updates (like a new front door, staircase remodel, or built-in features) can ensure your home gives the best first impression on the block.

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