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Staircase Renovation: How & Why It Makes a Huge Difference for Your Home

In many two-story or split-level homes, the staircase is the first thing you notice when you walk through the front door. As the focal point of the foyer (or whatever room it’s in), it’s often front and center. And especially in older homes, a staircase can be a one-of-a-kind, architectural feature of the home.

Over time, however, staircases get worn down (thanks to lots of foot traffic) and out-of-date. Wooden stairs and railings get chipped, scratched, or faded. Updates to the surrounding areas of the home, like the flooring, can clash with an outdated staircase.

For example, if you update your surrounding flooring with modern, grey laminate plank flooring, but your staircase still has traditional oak hardwood, the steps instantly become an eyesore.

This is just one reason a staircase renovation is important to the appeal of your home. Let’s explore other reasons.


Worn out, old stairs can be a safety hazard if the foundation has loosened, there’s inadequate lighting making the stairs difficult to see, or the stair treads are slippery. Every staircase should also have a handrail on at least one side (and many home inspectors require this when selling a home).

Updating your staircase to eliminate any hazards can instantly improve safety, leading to fewer worries, potential falls, and unwanted injuries. It can also check off an essential box on a homeowners inspection so you don’t have to deal with it later.


As mentioned above, a staircase is often the focal point of the room (and sometimes the entire home). If your steps are outdated, however, they won’t offer the positive “wow-factor” you’re looking for. For example, taking a curved staircase in a large, grand foyer and bringing it into the 2020s will not only give your home the punch it needs to impress guests, but also delight potential buyers (should you decide to sell your home in the future).

Staircase Renovation


Speaking of selling your home, updating your staircase for both safety concerns and design can have a positive impact on the value of your property. Start with replacing outdated railings and scuffed or worn risers. Then consider adding appeal with new spindles or beautifully-finished wooden steps. Lastly, homebuyers usually love to see plenty of storage, so consider converting the space under the staircase into a closet.


This one we’ve already discussed, but it’s worth mentioning again. A staircase is a major component of a home, and if it doesn’t match the rest of the home’s design, it will stand out like a sore thumb. Make sure if you update the surrounding areas of your house, especially the room where the staircase resides, you also update the staircase to match. Otherwise it will look instantly out-of-place and outdated — drawing eyes for all of the wrong reasons.

A staircase renovation is often an afterthought for homeowners, but it has the potential to add so much appeal to your home. Stop thinking of it as just a passageway from one floor to another, and start considering it a focal point. Trendy, safe, appealing staircases are design pieces that, when given the opportunity, can make your home shine.

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