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Air Quality & Job Site Protection


Guest: Greg Reis, Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers

During this COVID-19 crisis, our Dave Fox team is taking extra precautions on job sites where we are able to continue to work. The first step in these precautions is making sure the remodeling site is quarantined from the rest of the home.  Normally, we tape off sites with plastic to prevent dust and debris from spreading in the home but with COVID, we have begun double layering doorways and openings in an abundance of caution for our team and clients. We also have our team utilizing p100 masks anytime there are multiple people on-site, or they are entering and exiting the quarantined workspace.  A maximum of two people are allowed to be working in close proximity to each other while social distancing and trips to stores are being limited as well as utilizing delivers to lessen unnecessary exposure.

Keeping the job site clean and as dust-free as possible has always been Dave Fox’s priority for our team and clients. Using negative air filters or HEPA filters are an important part of achieving this cleanliness.  After setting up the plastic protection, turning on the filter begins to move the air and dust to the outside of the home instead of circulating throughout the home and job site.  The difference between using a filter and not makes a big difference. Without the air being moved, dust lingers and hangs in the air before settling on countertops and surfaces. Now with COVID, these air filters also help fight the virus by filtering and trapping dangerous particles.  The set of filters within the system can filter and catch over 99% of microns in the air.

When it comes to products to fight the virus, washing hands is the top priority.  Soap and water are key to keeping the home and our team safe and since hand sanitizers are difficult to find, basic hand washing is first. Air filters for the home furnace is also an important step to the health of your home. You can buy a range of filters, all at different levels of filtration. Be sure to read the label and plan on checking it every 30 days for a replacement. Sanitizers and disinfectants are not the same.  Sanitizers reduce bacteria on services, good or bad. Disinfectant kills a larger range of smaller microorganisms that sanitizers do not. Cleaners are made just to clean dirt and grim on services.

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