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Depending on your family dynamics and goals for living in your home, one of our Universal Design experts or Occupational therapist will perform an assessment of your home to identify ways to improve the use and access to space. 

Growing Family – As your families grow, so will your needs.   Our UD consultants specialize in understanding how the design and location of products may adapt to your family as they grow and their needs change.  They will be able to address design solutions for family members as young as toddlers all the way through senior citizens.

Aging Adults – As we all age, so do our homes.  Flights of stairs, access to space and safety are all concerns to those who wish to continue aging in place within their existing home.  Our UD consultants are Certified Aging in Place Specialists (CAPS) who understand how immediate changes in your home will play a long-term impact in your goal of remaining in your home.

 Disabilities* –  Our Occupational Therapist specializes in working with family members who have acute or chronic disabilities. Many homes are not designed to accommodate specific disabilities.  Our Occupational Therapist understands how your floor plan can be modified to improve access or use of space to make life easier.