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To Buy:*  There are many great deals in the pre-owned market that could even be better if they just had the updates and amenities you were looking for.  Our Design Consultants will perform an analysis of your prospective home and determine a ball-park range for investing in cosmetic and structural improvements for buying the perfect home.

To Sell:  Is your home out of date and difficult to sell in a buyer’s market?  Our consultants will analyze your existing home to determine if improvements can be made or staging techniques can be implemented that will improve your ability to attract a home buyer.

To Stay:  Many times the grass is just a bit greener on the other side, but you’re right where you really want to be.  You have great neighbor’s, you love the location of your home, and the thought of packing your belongings is overwhelming.  Our Design Consultants will listen to your goals and do a similar analysis to determine if making changes would make your home more desirable to remain in.

If you wish to speak to a Design Consultant to determine whether buying or staying is the best option for you, call today to schedule an appointment to get out of the grey area..

Fee: $250

 *Additional Design Consultation and Planning fees may apply if architectural plans and a price “quote” are desired.