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Wine Cellar Renovations: Things to Consider

Wine Cellar Renovation

A wine cellar is so much more than meets the eye. It’s not all about what you see — it’s about the environment. And while it makes sense to want to impress with a wine cellar that “wows”, it also needs to allow for correct storage of great-tasting wine.

With a knowledgeable contractor by your side, you can make sure your wine cellar renovation includes everything you need for a perfectly aged, satisfying glass of wine — when and where you want it.


Did you know the sun’s UV rays can gradually degrade and prematurely age wine? That’s why wine cellars are ideally located in basements or rooms with few to no windows. And while light from household light bulbs won’t affect the taste of the wine, they can fade bottle labels. For these reasons, opt for dim lighting with incandescent bulbs.

Wine cellar renovation lighting idea to consider: recessed lighting or sleek mini pendants.


Wine Cellar Flooring

The choice is yours when it comes to flooring for your wine cellar. Some people choose tile or concrete flooring, while others go with hardwood, laminate, or vinyl plank. It really depends on the look and style you’re hoping to achieve (as well as your budget, of course.)

Wine cellar renovation flooring idea to consider: cork wood flooring, which is softer and more forgiving if you accidentally drop a bottle of wine.


Wine Cellar Storage

You can’t have a wine cellar without a place to store the wine. When considering what kind of wine racks to use, think about your budget and the look you’re trying to achieve. For example, metal racks are more cost effective, but they can easily tear bottle labels and sometimes come across as modern and masculine.

The pricier option for wine storage is custom wine racks. These are designed and constructed exclusively for your space. They can include:

  • Individual bottle storage
  • Diamond bin storage
  • Case storage
  • Tabletops

Wine cellar renovation storage idea to consider: Wine rack kits come in different configurations, stains and types of wood — plus they can save you money.

Cooling Systems

Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Temperature and proper humidity levels are crucial for wine cellars. To store wine correctly and keep it from aging prematurely, your wine cellar should be 55 to 60°F with 60 to 70% relative humidity. One of these cooling systems can help accomplish the proper levels:

  • Through-the-wall cooling systems: This is the most cost-effective, but can be bulky and noisy
  • Split cooling systems: These don’t take up as much space, but requires professional installation
  • Ducted cooling systems: Located outside of the wine cellar, air is transported from the unit into the cellar through ductwork. These are the most expensive option, but they take up zero space in the wine cellar and can be serviced by HVAC professionals


Wine cellar renovation cooling system idea to consider: Talk to a contractor with experience building wine cellars to determine the best cooling system option for your space and budget


While a cooling system can generate the proper temperature and humidity levels in your wine cellar, proper insulation keeps it there. Don’t underestimate the importance of insulation done right.

For example, if your wine cellar space has concrete walls, you will need extra insulation because concrete won’t keep moisture out of the wine cellar. Make sure whatever insulation you choose works as a vapor barrier.

Wine cellar renovation insulation idea to consider: You’ll want full room insulation to keep temperatures at a steady range.

There’s a lot to think about when designing and building a wine cellar. The right contractors know what goes into not just making the space functional and beautiful, but creating an environment ideal for great tasting wine. When in doubt, turn to wine cellar renovation experts for guidance.

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Wine Cellar Renovation

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