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What’s the Best Flooring for an Open Concept Floor Plan?

What’s the Best Flooring for an Open Concept Floor Plan?

While open floor plans aren’t loved by everyone, they’re a favorite to most. Some would even call them “timeless”. And yes, people are still opting to tear down walls to create more expansive, seamless spaces.

If you decide to renovate a room (or rooms) in your home to make them more open, have you thought about the details? What’s the best flooring for an open concept floor plan? Finding “the best” is a bit subjective, but we’ll tell you what we’d recommend to any of our clients.

Wood-Look Laminate Flooring

If you want to emulate the appearance and texture of genuine hardwood without the high price tag, laminate flooring is a great option for an open concept. It works just as wonderfully in kitchens and dining rooms as it does in living rooms and office spaces. To give it a genuine look and feel, many types of wood-like laminates have the grainy texture of actual wood, so you can hardly tell a difference.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

There are so many things to love about luxury vinyl plank flooring. It’s attractive, strong and resistant to moisture. It’s impervious to water damage and most stains, which makes it great for open spaces that experience daily wear and tear from pets, kids, and guests.

Also, luxury vinyl plank flooring looks fantastic. It comes in a wide range of hues, grains, textures, and sizes, so you’re bound to find something that fits your style. Depending on which brand and price point you choose, luxury vinyl planks feel softer and more cushioned against the feet because they’re thicker than ordinary vinyl flooring. It’s a perfect choice for an open floor plan.

Hand-Scraped Hardwood

Real hand-scraped hardwood planks have been in style for a while and we think they’ll stay that way. This type of flooring is truly timeless because it’s elegant, high-quality, and adaptable. Coming in a variety of hues, textures, and patterns, it looks great in any kind of room — from kitchens and bathrooms to dining rooms and family rooms — making it ideal for open concepts.

If you choose hand-scraped hardwood for your open concept floor plan, it’ll flow nicely from one space to the next and create a seamless look. Plus, it’s elegant, classic, and built to last a lifetime.

Engineered Hardwood

If you want a more practical option for open concept flooring, consider engineered wood flooring, which is made of bonded layers of wood. It’s more affordable than hand-scraped hardwood and it’s easier to install and maintain. As another bonus, it looks fantastic in open spaces because it flows beautifully from one area to the next.

Tips for Open Concept Flooring

No matter which type of flooring you choose for your open floor plan, try to stick to one material throughout the entire area, if possible. Using the same type of flooring will make the different areas look like one big room, rather than a bunch of individual spaces. If this isn’t an option, work with your flooring installer to minimize the visual transition of different flooring as much as possible.

Open concept floor plans will likely remain in high demand among homeowners and home buyers, and we won’t be surprised when our clients continue to request them. We’re constantly removing walls and improving layouts to maximize square footage and allow for better flow, efficiency, and functionality. Pay careful attention to the flooring you pick for your open concept — it’s a massive piece of the budget and one you’ll live with for years to come.

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