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6 Stunning Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas for Your Bathroom Remodel [With Pictures]

walk in shower tile ideas

You’re giving your bathroom a complete refresh, and you’re excited about the potential for stunning details. One of the changes you’re considering is a walk-in tile shower. But now comes the tricky part: What will the tile shower look like? What materials, patterns and colors should you use?

There are many creative ways to tile a walk-in shower. From simple colors and patterns to varying textures and designs, your options are endless. But don’t be overwhelmed — to give you inspiration for your bathroom remodel, we’ve compiled a list of walk-in shower tile ideas. Hopefully, these examples will help you and your design team create a walk-in shower you won’t want to leave.

Walk-In Shower Tile Ideas (with Photos)

1) Large Marble Tile

walk in shower marble tile

We see plenty of clients choose rectangular marble tile for their walk-in showers. Why? Because it’s elegant and timeless, never going out of style. Marble tile comes in all shapes and sizes, but the large rectangles always look good, especially if you’re going for an upscale look. Consider added details like darker grout, border tiles in a different size and color, or a unique niche tile — these will give the marble more flair.

2) Classic Subway Tile

classic subway tile showerYou can’t go wrong with the simple, clean look of subway tile. White is especially popular and will likely never go out of style. Whether you choose a traditional size and pattern, or try something different like a herringbone layout, this design choice is timeless, sleek, and elegant. Love color? You can always add some personality with a busier, patterned tile that stretches horizontally across the middle of the shower.

3) Natural Stone Tile

shower tile idea natural stone

Do you want your walk-in shower to have more of an outdoor feel? Using natural stone on the walls, inserts, or floor gives a subtle nature vibe. This walk-in shower tile idea is also a neutral and beautiful way to add personality and texture to your shower space. This is the perfect way to incorporate varying shades of beige, tan, brown, or gray into your bathroom.

4) Mosaic Inserts

mosaic inserts in walk in showerIf you choose a neutral, simple tile for the majority of your walk-in shower, an insert accented with complementary mosaic tiles can add variety. It also adds additional storage space for hygiene products (and who doesn’t need extra storage?) This is a great option if you can’t decide between two different tile options — it allows you to use both.

5) Intricate Ceramic or Glass Tiles

intricate ceramic or glass tiled shower

Small, glass tiles are a popular choice for walk-in showers because they’re both attractive and practical. This type of tile is low maintenance and easy to clean, plus it looks upscale and elegant. In some situations, it’s the perfect solution for a bathroom that has a little color. Spice up the space with bold glass tile that pairs well with neutrals.

6) Matching Floor-to-Ceiling Tile

matching floor to ceiling shower tile

A modern approach to walk-in showers is a large, floor-to-ceiling tile design that creates a seamless effect. With thin grout lines and a neutral color, these tiles give the shower clean lines with a sleek, sophisticated vibe. If you don’t want bold mosaics or colors, and you like contemporary designs, using matching tile throughout your shower’s floors and walls might be perfect for you.

Tiling a walk-in shower is a fantastic decision — it’s going to take your shower to a whole new level and add value to your home. As you get a feel for what you want the shower to look like, use the ideas above to spark inspiration. Think about the colors, textures, and patterns you like, then work with your contractor to bring the rest of the update to life.

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