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Walk-In Closet Addition Ideas

When you think about the walk-in closet of your dreams, what do you see? We’re guessing it’s large with plenty of storage. But what else? Does it have an island with drawers for jewelry and accessories? Or rows and rows of custom shelving for purses and shoes?

No matter what your vision of your dream walk-in closet looks like, it’s possible to bring it to life with an addition. Whether your goal is to solve your storage shortage, get more organized, or something else, we can help.

What should you consider for your walk-in closet addition? Here are the popular trends we’ve seen:

Add Plenty of Shoe Storage

walk-in closet addition ideas in Columbus, Ohio

If you’re a shoe hoarder but have nowhere to put them, it makes sense to build plenty of storage space for them in your walk-in closet addition. While some people might prefer to use more of the addition for clothing racks and shelving, shoe lovers dream of rows and rows of shoes. Cater your walk-in closet addition to your specific needs. If that means lots of shoe storage, then go for it.

Experiment with Color

Who says a walk-in closet addition has to be boring? Make a bold statement (yes, even in your closet) with color. Lately we’re seeing lots of dark hues, such as deep blues and charcoal grays. If your walk-in closet addition lacks windows, you could brighten it up with pops of color like yellow, light blue, or even red. Don’t be afraid to show some personality with paint in this space.

Go for a Boutique Style

To give a walk-in closet addition more personality, many people choose features that make it look like a chic boutique. For example, add glass sliding doors and classy hardware to built-in drawers and displays. Set the mood with extra lighting (chandelier, anyone?) and a beautiful, thick-framed mirror.

Focus on Flooring

If you want your walk-in closet to go above and beyond, you need to go beyond the basics with features like flooring. Skip the traditional carpet and choose stone, tile or hardwood flooring. This is another way to give your closet a boutique-like vibe and up the ante on sophistication.

Add an Island

build a walk-in closet addition in Columbus, Ohio

Does your dream walk-in closet addition have a statement piece? One idea is a custom-built island. It’s the perfect place to store smaller accessories such as necklaces, earrings, scarves, socks, underwear, and hats. Add a granite, quartz or marble countertop for a sleek, sophisticated look. Top it off with a new light fixture placed just above the island. Not only is this centerpiece functional, it’s also beautiful.

Include a Place for Laundry

If your walk-in closet addition has custom storage, consider also building pull-out cabinets for laundry. This is a convenient and efficient way to keep dirty clothes from piling up on your walk-in closet (or bedroom) floor. The cabinets can blend in with the other storage used in the space so no one will know they’re actually storing dirty garments. You can also get cabinets that have easy-to-remove baskets, so transporting the clothes from the closet to the laundry room is a breeze.

No matter what kind of walk-in closet addition you choose to build, it’s sure to get lots of use and provide plenty of much-needed storage. As they say: There’s no such thing as too much storage, right?

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