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Utility Room Remodel Ideas and Examples

The utility room, or laundry room, is usually the last room in the house that gets some TLC. It’s where we often slide off our muddy shoes, toss our coats, and throw our dirty clothes in a pile. It’s not a room that gets glorified or shown to visitors with pride.

But who says that’s the way it has to be? A utility room remodel has the ability to transform this cluttered, task-oriented room into one that’s efficient, clean, and welcoming. With the right fixtures, layout, and finishes, you’ll be motivated to take better care of this room and you’ll be proud to show it off.

Think about your laundry room’s potential as you browse our utility room remodel examples.

A Place for Shoes and Coats

utility room remodel Columbus

Yes, your utility room is often where you throw your coat and shoes. But with the right storage, you can keep it all organized. A laundry room remodel is the perfect time to conceal clutter with extra cabinets, shelving, and organization.

Add a separate nook that includes coat hooks, benches, and shoe storage. Another idea is to add open shelving and decorative baskets above the washer and dryer. The baskets will hide clutter and provide extra storage space, while the shelving is more cost-effective than cabinets.

A Place for Laundry Storage

utility room renovation example

Who wants to see a pile of dirty clothes or laundry detergent on display? Tuck away the clutter with proper storage solutions, like this mudroom/laundry room combination we did for a client. Not only did we add upper cabinets for storage, we also added a built-in laundry hamper next to the washer and drying for convenient (yet tucked away) use. This utility room remodel also includes a closet that can be used for additional utility room storage or as a pantry.

A Place to Fold and Sort

utility room folding and sorting

To make your laundry room more efficient, give yourself the space you need to do one of the most dreaded (yet essential) tasks: folding. Having a built-in folding table in your laundry room removes the hassle of carrying it elsewhere — saving you time, energy, and clutter. This option is perfect if you have extra, unused wall space in your laundry room. Save space by installing a table that folds out from the wall when needed. Customize the size so it’s as small or large as you’d like.

A Place to Wash Up

utility room remodel example

You shouldn’t have to scrub muddy shoes or grass-stained pants in a bathroom or kitchen sink. Those tasks are meant for the utility room. But if you don’t have a sink built-in, a remodel is the perfect opportunity to add one. There’s so much convenience to having a sink right next to your washer and dryer. Make it a centerpiece of the room by going for a unique farmhouse style sink with a classy faucet, like the one we remodeled here.

Utility rooms aren’t the most-fun rooms in the house, that’s for sure. But they can be beautiful and efficient with a remodel. All it takes is some smart decisions with layout, utilities, and storage. Talk to us about how to make it happen.

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