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Tips for Creating the Ideal Work-From-Home Environment

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More people are working from home than ever before. Statistics show that the rate of remote work has increased 44 percent in the past 5 years — and that’s before the COVID-19 pandemic kept us confined to our homes. There are so many benefits to remote work that we wouldn’t be surprised if some employees continued to telecommute after the pandemic is over.

Working from home is only beneficial, however, when you have the right environment. Is your space clean, organized, and comfortable? Do you have a quiet place to work when you have conference calls and meetings? Does your work-from-home space promote productivity?

If not, here are tips you can use to turn your remote workspace into one that helps you thrive:

Organize Your Space with Built-Ins

Work From Home

Even if you don’t have a separate home office, you can stay organized and clean. By adding built-ins to an existing area, like a kitchen or living room, you can maintain a clutter-free workspace. For example, adding a spot for file storage is ideal if you need to sort and keep track of documents easily. In the photo above, a bulletin board backdrop provides extra display room for reminders and notes.

Adding drawers and cabinets is perfect for odds-and-ends you would normally store away in a desk. All of this storage gives you a clean tabletop for a laptop, printer, or any other office essentials that you can also store away at the end of the workday.

Incorporate a “Workstation” into Your Kitchen

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If your home suffers from tiny rooms, not enough rooms, or lack of storage components like cabinets and cupboards, this is the perfect option for you. The kitchen is one of the most-used places in the home — why not make it more functional for remote work? You can stay in the center of the action without sacrificing organization and productivity.

In this photo, a file drawer and other storage were added next to the chair. The island was extended to offer more seating and a desk-like feel. The inconspicuous design keeps clutter and work supplies out of sight, yet within reach. This helps keep you organized and efficient since disorganization takes time away from your work.

No more wasting time shuffling through piles of paper or digging through the junk drawer for your favorite pen. Keep everything you need to work from home right by your side, yet safely stored away.

No matter what components you choose to turn your kitchen into a more functional workspace, a good designer will work with you to blend them seamlessly into the current (or new) design.

Create “His” & “Hers” Areas in a Home Office

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Are you working from home with a spouse or other loved one? It can be hard to find space when more than one person needs a quiet, comfortable working environment. To conquer this dilemma, divide up a home office into two workstations like the photo above.

Each person has their own desk, storage, and seating. No more rifling through your spouse’s papers to find your notes from yesterday’s meeting. No more frustration when your spouse takes the “comfortable” chair. Everyone has their own space built exactly for what they need.

When it comes to making remote work more functional and organized, use your imagination. Work with a designer to come up with an aesthetic and flow that fits your home and your work style. The options are endless.

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