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New Home Renovation: 4 Renovations to Complete Before You Move Into Your New Home

So you just bought your new home…congratulations! There are lots of things to get excited about before move in. But if you’re renovating your new home, there are some new home renovations you’ll want to complete before scheduling movers.

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4 New Home Renovations to Complete Before You Move In

Sometimes you need to move into your new home right away, which we understand! But we’ve seen a few cases where clients experience far less stress if they have the means and ability to hold off on moving until certain renovations are complete. Here are four renovations to complete before you move into your new home.

Renovate Your Kitchen Before Moving Into Your New Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home–unless it’s a total nightmare and needs a full gut and reno. There’s lots of advice out there that advises moving into your new home and waiting a few months before renovating. In many cases, this is solid wisdom. It can help your design plans immensely if you understand the flow and feel of your home and how you want that to continue or improve with a renovation.

But for kitchens that are overly dated, cramped or in need of repair, it’s almost always better to renovate the kitchen first before moving in. If you don’t, you’ll be stuck with the added stress of washing dishes in the bathroom sink, eating tons of takeout, and living with the other inconveniences of a remodel in one of the most important rooms in your home. Plus, there are also times when the water main will need to be shut off, which means you won’t have water access in the rest of your new home. If you can wait this one out, you should!

Make Big Layout Changes Before Moving Into Your New Home

If you know you’re going to be converting your new home’s cramped living room, family room and tiny kitchen combo into a gorgeous great room, wait to move into your new home. Between the dirt and debris of a demoing and rebuilding walls, rewiring electrical, drywalling, painting and installing new floors, you’ll have a good portion of your home that isn’t livable for the first few months. It will be much easier on you and your family (and your possessions) if you can complete these big changes ahead of your move.

Plus, big renovations like this mean there will be contractors and workers in your new space for 6-12 weeks. While reputable companies will be courteous and kind, this extra company will make it difficult for you to settle into your new space in the early days. Let the work get finished, then enjoy your updated space.

Renovate Your Master Bathroom Before Moving Into Your New Home

If your new home doesn’t have a number of large or full baths, renovate your master bathroom or main bathroom before moving into your new home. Like the kitchen, the bathroom sees a lot of foot traffic every day. If you’re forced to take uncomfortable showers, store your towels and toiletries in out-of-the-way locations or cram the whole family into one small bathroom space, you’ll want to complete these renovations before you move. Everyone will be happier this way and you can immediately begin to use your new soaker tub when you move in to get rid of moving stress.

Renovate Your Master Bedroom Before Moving Into Your New Home

Finally, if you already know that the tiny master bedroom in your new home is getting overhauled into a spacious master suite, renovate the bedroom before you move. Lack of restful sleep will only add to the stress of your move. Keeping clothes in boxes or random closets or bedrooms will also prevent you from feeling settled in your new home. In fact, you can finish this room and live relatively comfortably while you overhaul other parts of the house.

New Home Renovation Ideas

We know it’s not always possible to wait through a renovation before you move into a new home. If you must move right away, but have big home renovation plans, make sure you work with an experienced design-build firm. These professionals will not only help you get your dream renovation, they’re skilled in making sure the renovation is as convenient and as fast as possible for you and your family. This doesn’t mean you won’t have a couple weeks of dust or unusable rooms, but you’ll at least have a plan and a projected end date to the upheaval. In no time at all, you’ll be able to fully settle and enjoy your new home.

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