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Mudroom Addition Ideas to Enhance Your Home

Mud Room Addition

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a specified area, tucked away in a separate room, for everyday items like coats, shoes, bookbags, and purses? It’s a dedicated place to drop your things without cluttering up a main living area or walkway. It’s the mudroom.

A mudroom is known as a home’s casual, secondary entryway — usually right off the garage. It’s the entryway the home’s occupants use on a regular basis, but it’s not necessarily the entryway guests use. That’s what makes it so great — homeowners don’t have to worry about guests tripping over a heap of shoes and coats. Instead, guests can avoid the mudroom and access a clean, clutter-free foyer.

If you don’t already have a mudroom in your home but it sounds appealing to you, consider these mudroom addition ideas.

The Mudroom + Laundry Room Combo

Mud Room Laundry Room

Many people incorporate mudroom amenities into their laundry room, especially if the laundry room is in the perfect drop zone — right off the garage. This is convenient because the kids can take off their muddy, messy clothes and toss them right into the laundry basket. No more trekking through the house getting dirt everywhere.

To build a mudroom in your existing laundry room (or create a mudroom/laundry room combo addition), consider a dedicated space for laundry on one side. This should include the washer and dryer, shelving or cabinets, and a space for laundry baskets. If you have enough room, a sink is another added feature homeowners love. On the other side of the room, build a bench with coat hooks and shelving or cabinets to store shoes, bookbags, etc. It’s the best of both worlds right in one room.

Building a Separate Mudroom

Location: If you choose to build an addition for a mudroom, your possibilities are endless. Create a big enough space — we recommend at least 6×6, 7×7, or 8×8 feet — close to the kitchen and/or garage. In it, choose a durable flooring that stands up well against mud, dirt, water, and general wear and tear. Waterproof laminate or vinyl are good options for this space.

Organization: From there, work with a designer to create a plan for built-in cabinets or shelving. Wooden shoe cubbies are a popular idea to get shoes up off the floor and out of the way. You can put the cubbies under a bench so everyone can sit, take off their shoes, and instantly tuck them away. Organization galore.

Privacy: No matter how much storage your mudroom offers, there’s going to be times when clutter wins. When that happens, if you don’t have the time or energy to tidy up, you’ll be glad you put in a pocket door, a trendy sliding barn door, or even just a regular door to close it off to the rest of the house. That way when guests arrive, they don’t have to see any mess in the mudroom.

Style: How you want your mudroom to look is totally up to you. Do you want a modern, clean, minimalistic look? Or a cozy, traditional feel? We’ve done it all. Crisp white, floor-to-ceiling cabinets with dark hooks are especially popular, and will probably continue to be for quite some time. Add flair to the room with a paint color that pops, like a muted yellow, blue, or green.

Personality: Using decor on the wall and shelving, you can add your own personality to your mudroom addition. Don’t be afraid to install open, floating shelves and display decor and accents that appeal to you. Give your mudroom the same TLC you’d give any other room in your house, and it will not only provide function and efficiency for your family, but added value to your home, as well.

No matter what mudroom addition ideas you like best, this added drop-zone is a smart use of space, especially for busy families. Talk to us about starting your mudroom addition today.

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