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Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: 6 Ideas for Ultimate Relaxation

We love all of our home renovation projects, but there are few rooms that pack as much transformative punch as a luxury bathroom update or remodel. Installing a new luxury bath can literally change the entire vibe of your home. A luxury bathroom makeover can create a relaxing oasis, create more space for you to get ready for the day and add finishing touches and details that set your home apart.

Luxury bathroom remodels are particularly exciting because they bring in many home elements that are typically separated into other rooms. Luxury bathrooms can include clever storage and full walk-in closets, gorgeous water and plumbing features and functional upgrades that will make you feel like you live in a five-star hotel year-round.

Luxury Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

As you begin to plan your luxury bathroom remodel, start first by being inspired. Here are some of our favorite luxury bathroom remodeling ideas for ultimate relaxation.

1. Increase your bathroom’s square footage

luxury bathroom remodeling ideas square footage

Not every luxury bathroom has to be huge, but if the current footprint cramps your style, it’s time to spread out. Even a few extra square feet can mean the difference between a full walk-in shower or your dream soaker tub. A luxury bathroom should feel spacious and like you have room to breathe. If you’re not able to add square footage, a redesigned layout could give you the spaciousness you’re looking for.

2. Upgrade your bathroom storage solutions

luxury bathroom remodeling ideas storage

Luxury bathrooms help chase away the bad memory of you and your sister fighting for a sliver of counter space in grade school. Or maybe it doesn’t take much to send you back to your college days when all your bathroom and toiletry items had to fit in a small plastic tote.

Luxury bathrooms incorporate ample storage as a part of the experience. Think clever solutions for oddly shaped hair dryers, the perfect nook for towels and even “yours” and “mine” zones. A relaxing luxury bath has a place for everything so that you spend less time rooting around for your favorite toiletry and more time simply enjoying your space.

3. Include light in your bathroom

luxury bathroom remodeling ideas lighting

Luxury bathrooms can not only handle a lot of light, they practically demand it. Both natural and artificial light should play a role in your luxury bathroom remodel. Why not add a full bank of windows, or cut in a skylight? How about designing your lights to work in zones? Or, better yet, add a full chandelier or upscale feature light to your space.

A great builder and designer will focus on helping you pick the right lighting for your luxury bathroom. Along with those all-important finishing details, lighting is one of the best ways to set your luxury bath apart. So take time (and build it into your budget) to pick out exactly what you want.

4. Add high-end plumbing and water fixtures

luxury bathroom remodeling ideas plumbing

Luxury baths make sure that every time you use any feature in the room, you walk away feeling like, “this is special.” That’s why we encourage clients to get creative with their plumbing and water fixtures. Add a programmable shower or rain head fixture (or two!). Add a soaker tub or jacuzzi. Add a toilet with a seat-warming function. Add faucets that bubble up like a waterfall.

There are lots of ways to upgrade your fixtures in your bathroom, and truly, you’re only as limited as your imagination.

5. Think about custom bathroom features

luxury bathroom remodeling ideas custom features

No builder-grade cabinets or formica countertops for you. A luxury bathroom remodel makes the most out of custom details. We love having custom cabinets built (with that clever storage), using beautiful stone and tile throughout and thinking about what textural elements we want in the room.

If you truly want your bathroom to be luxurious, you’ll want to choose things that feel one-of-a-kind. We’ve built custom vanities, custom water closets, custom fireplaces and had marble custom cut for sinks, backsplashes and showers. “Luxury” is anything but cookie-cutter, and for a relaxing experience, surround yourself with elements you know were hand picked, just for you.

6. Focus on fine details and finishes

luxury bathroom remodeling ideas details

The final item that separates regular bathroom remodels from luxury bathroom remodels is fine details and finishes. Think about what metals you want for your faucets and fixtures. Or perhaps you find unique drawer pulls that add a touch of class to the room. Maybe your luxury bath is where you splurge on that custom wallpaper. Maybe it’s double sinks, or towel warmers or wall-mounted controls for your electronics.

Final details and finishes are what elevates a luxury bath. Perhaps you add plenty of plants, a flat screen TV or a wine fridge. Talk through these final finishing touches with your designer. Every square inch counts in a luxury bathroom, so dream up those details that aren’t simply functional but also fun.

No matter how you get inspired for your luxury bathroom remodel, be sure to work with a reputable designer and builder who specializes in luxury baths and can help you execute your dream. They’ll work with you from start to finish to make sure the details you want are in place and that it’s finished impeccably. Then all that’s left to do is to relax in your brand new luxury bath.

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