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Great Room Addition Ideas and Inspiration

After a holiday gathering, the last guest has finally left your house. You sigh and look around before tackling the clean-up. You can’t help but wish it hadn’t been so cramped with all of the people in your home. Elbows were bumping and seating was cramped. While you love hosting gatherings, the space inside your home is tight.

Does this sound familiar? One of the perfect solutions for this type of problem is a great room addition. Clients often choose to add a great room to their home when they want to:

  • Increase the square footage of their home
  • Make their home more open concept
  • Be able to host large gatherings with improved traffic flow and entertaining space
  • Add an extra living space so the family has an additional TV room

There are lots of other benefits of adding a great room to a property. No matter what your reason may be, a great room addition can add value to your home. Now, what should you think about for this type of room addition? Here are the popular trends we’ve been seeing:

Vaulted or Two-Story Ceilings

great room addition example

When building a full great room addition, open up the space vertically with a beautiful vaulted or two-story ceiling. Next, add big windows to bring in as much natural light as possible. Not only will this make the space brighter, it’ll make the space feel bigger, too. This is one of the most common features added to this type of family room or living room addition — it truly makes the room “great”.

Stone or Brick Fireplace

stone great room remodel

Another key feature of many great rooms is the addition of a fireplace. If you do opt for a vaulted or two-story ceiling great room, make your fireplace the focal point by bringing it all the way to the ceiling. And even if your great room has regular 8-foot ceilings, you can still use the addition of a beautiful fireplace to pull it all together. Whether your fireplace is wood-burning or gas, it’s a feature that’ll keep you cozy during our cold Ohio winters.

Beamed Ceilings

unique great room idea with beamed ceilings

A great room should be one of the central rooms in the house. Especially if you plan to use the room to host gatherings, giving it some unique features makes it especially grand. Adding wood beams to the tall ceilings is one way to make it “wow” everyone who steps inside. The beams add contrasting depth to the room and draw attention to the high ceilings. Guests will be drawn to the great room and enjoy spending quality time with you in this space.

Built-In Storage

great room renovation storage

Want to add efficiency and functionality to your great room addition, too? Think about how you can incorporate more storage. You can never have enough shelving and cabinets throughout your home, and built-ins are a classy way to make use of this increased square footage without adding bulky furniture. Check out this example from one of our clients who added built-ins around the fireplace, including one that was the perfect size for a wall-mounted flatscreen TV.

No matter what kind of great room addition you choose to build, it’s sure to get lots of use and become one of the most beloved rooms in the house. This major home remodeling project is the perfect way to add extra square footage to your home, especially if you want more space for hosting gatherings.

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