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Garage Remodeling: How We Turned a 3 Car Garage Into a Home Golf Simulator Room

It’s a common story that once you become an empty nester your hobbies become a little more important to you and the extra space in your home starts to feel like it would make better use as something else. We often see the kid’s bedrooms getting switched over into a home gym or an office and the third bay in a garage getting filled with a new sports car.

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Garage Remodeling: How We Turned a 3 Car Garage Into a Home Golf Simulator Room

This garage renovation story isn’t much different in that sense. However, in this story, the third bay in the garage of this “empty nester” got transformed into a state of the art home golf simulation room.

Home Golf Simulator Room Dimensions

How much space do you need for a home golf simulator room? The ideal dimensions for this particular home golf simulation equipment needed a room with at least 9’6” ceiling height, a depth of at least 19’ and a 10’ width. This also provides enough space for the suggested dimensions to be able to swing a golf club comfortably and without feeling inhibited.

The oversized 3 car garage in this Ohio home was able to accommodate this with a finished space having 10’7” ceiling height, a 22’ 3 5/8” depth and an 11’ 1/4” width. Although it was the clients third option, it quickly became the most optimal and cost effective.

Garage Remodeling Design

Here is the as-built garage plan before the renovation.

residential interior remodeling before

And here is our new plan for what the garage will look like after the renovation.

residential interior remodeling after

Garage Remodeling Concerns

The client had some concerns about turning his three-car garage into a two-car for future resale value. We were able to remodel the garage in a way that it can easily be converted back into a three-car garage later.residential remodeling golf simularion room

The garage door and window in the existing third bay remained intact and the new mini-split HVAC unit would be able to cool and heat the entire three-car garage.

residential remodeling golf simulation room plans

Home Golf Simulator Room Design Details

The home golf simulator room was fully equipped with:

  • Carpeted walls and ceiling – specifically made to be a wall protector
  • Screen – specialty screen for optimal color and durability for golf balls
  • Spotlight – perfectly dimensioned to shine on the golf ball being hit
  • Projector – dimensioned to manufacturer specifications for optimal simulation
  • Equipment – housed in a custom-built cabinet to be placed at optimal distance for tracking and running the software
  • Future Camera – dimensioned optimally for the client to be able to capture his full swing from multiple angels
  • Tee Box Turf – customized section to allow for a golf tee to be placed in it with ease

Exterior Garage Door

The existing half glass glazed door to the backyard (which just so happens to back up to a golf course as well) was replaced with a solid door to ensure no unwanted light came in and to provide privacy.

home golf simulator room addition

Heating and Cooling

The home golf simulation equipment required a temperature-controlled room, which was welcomed by the client. A ductless mini-split was installed during the garage remodel to make this a completely heated and cooled living space. The unit is run on a timer and automatic setting, and can be custom controlled via remote control.

Covering the Window

The window in the existing garage presented many challenges. Not only would it let in too much light, but there was also the concern for broken glass. The Home Owners Association, however, declined the removal of the window. In order to bypass these issues we built-out a wall in front of it, insulated it, and painted it black so from the out- side looking in the appearance remained unchanged. The other benefit to this approach, going back to the clients’ initial concerns about a two-car garage, is that the wall can easily be removed and the window still be useable in a third bay once again.

home golf simulator room addition in ohio

The Cabinetry

The custom-built cabinetry in this home golf simulation room gives the perfect resting place for any unused golf clubs and additional balls, gloves, and covers. While the cabinetry that was added to protect the simulation equipment doubles as a great resting place for friends and guest waiting for their turn and to set their drinks, as well as a great working desk to run the computer software and change settings. Additionally, since the space is temperature-controlled, no special consideration was needed in the material options.


The lighting in the golf simulation room was crucial. It was important to determine the amount of light needed to optimally view the screen, yet ensure there would still be enough light to see the golf ball and not be playing in the dark.

Ideally, the lights would get turned out when hitting the ball. A directional LED spotlight was installed to shine a 9” radius where the ball is to be hit. The simulator manufacturer helped to determine the ideal placement of the spotlight on their site visit as well. All of the lighting installed is dimmable and adjustable depending on whether the homeowner is entertaining or just trying to work on his game.

The Garage Door

The garage door remains securely on it’s track keeping the appearance from the exterior of a three-car garage. During the garage remodel, a wall was built out in front of the garage door and insulated as a barrier between the door and the screen.

The Entry

The entry into the house remains the same, while the entry from the garage now goes through the golf simulation room. The additional counter space has actually worked out quite well for the client, who has enjoyed having the additional drop-zone. A fire rated door was added to the new space per code and safety regulations.

The Wet Bar

The plumbing for the wet bar was existing; however, the cabinetry and refrigerator were added during the garage remodel. The space is perfect for entertaining guests or just grabbing a quick water break. The kitchen is just inside the original entry from the garage making for easy access to bring out any additional appetizers or food.

ohio home golf simulator room addition

The Garage

The converted two-car garage is still quite spacious and more than able to accommodate the two family vehicles. The third bay garage door still remains due to the Home Owners Association’s regulations and allow the client the ability to easily transform it back into a three-car garage just in case it’s needed for resale.

home golf simulator garage renovation ohio

Golf Simulator Room

With the unpredictable Ohio weather, this client has already gotten lots of use out of his new golf simulation room and loves entertaining in the space. He said he never expected his unused third bay in his garage to be transformed into his favorite room in the house.

Even with the unique challenges of installing a golf simulation room and all of its specific requirements, this unique residential interior was an extremely fun project to work on and a great outcome that met the needs of our client!

You can learn more about this garage renovation project by downloading the full story here: Garage Remodeling-Home Golf Simulator Room.
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