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Craft Room Remodel Ideas

craft room remodel ideas

When you think of the perfect Saturday afternoon, do you envision yourself tucked away in your craft room, working on projects? If crafting is a beloved hobby of yours, and you’re considering a craft room remodel, get excited: We’re about to get into all of the possibilities for this fun hobby room.

Whether your potential craft room remodel budget is limitless or on the smaller side, there’s something for everyone. Take a moment to picture yourself in this remodeled space. What do you see? What elements make it the perfect craft room? Here are a few suggestions to get your ideas flowing:

Create Custom Storage Solutions

If you’re a crafter, you know how important organization and storage is for this hobby. If you can’t find those sharp sewing scissors you just bought, how are you going to finish your sewing project? For efficiency purposes (and to maintain your sanity), everything needs a place. A craft room remodel is the perfect time to provide that dedicated space for materials.

Consider custom storage solutions, like built-in cabinets in a variety of sizes and with different functionality (roll-out shelving, lazy susans, etc.) Having built-in storage not only looks classy, but gives you more motivation to stay organized.

Embrace the Unused Space

Not sure where to put your craft room, or don’t have the budget for a complete room addition? Take advantage of unused space in your home. For example, you could turn a walk-in closet into a small craft room, or an empty space under the stairs into a craft nook. You’ll be surprised how even the smallest, most inconvenient spaces can be transformed into your new favorite place in the house.

Brighten it Up

While crafting, you have to be able to see what you’re working on. Whether that enhanced vision comes from natural lighting with the addition of windows, or plenty of new light fixtures, your options are abundant. Better yet — incorporate both. It’s always best to have plenty of natural light along with the ability to brighten up the space no matter the time of day.

Create a Pegboard or Magnetic Wall

We love this idea because it’s a unique way to set your craft room apart from other areas of your home. It’s also affordable. By making one of the walls a pegboard or a magnetic surface, you can showcase any of your projects — finished or in progress — for all to see. You can also hang must-have materials so they’re within reach when needed, or post motivational signs, to-do lists, and reminders to keep you moving towards your goals. It’s a place to let your creativity shine, but it’s also functional — a win-win.

Build a Huge Island

Every craft room needs a central location to get work done. Instead of buying a piece of furniture like a desk or a table, opt for a custom island with plenty of storage and seating. This is a fantastic, functional way to take advantage of the space in the middle of the room. Choose a beautiful countertop material, such as quartz, marble, or granite, to make this focal point even more visually appealing.

Did we get your ideas churning for a craft room remodel? There are so many ways to set your hobby room apart and make it your favorite room in the house. Bring your vision to your contractor, who can help create a plan to make it a reality. After all, every crafter deserves a beautiful space to create.

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