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Bathroom Renovation: 7 Ideas for Building Your Dream Master Bathroom


If you could build the perfect master bathroom, what would it look like? Close your eyes and envision it for a minute. What are the qualities that make it your dream bathroom? Is it lavish, relaxing, and traditional? Or big, bright, and modern?

No matter what comes to mind for you, a dream master bathroom can become a reality. All it takes is some careful planning, collaboration with a trusted builder, and your list of must-haves.

Let’s walk through some of the most popular bathroom renovation ideas we’ve seen recently.

Soaking or Whirlpool Tubs

There’s something about a huge, soaking tub that whispers “ah” and draws the eye. These beautiful pieces never go out of style and often become the focal point in a master bathroom renovation. If you’re going for more of the calming, retreat-type of bathroom, a soaking or jetted tub is a must-have.

In terms of pricing, Homeadvisor says whirlpool tubs range anywhere from $1,000 to $14,000. Soaking tubs typically cost anywhere from $600 to $13,000.


Want to brighten up your master bathroom, but don’t have the ability to add a window? Consider a skylight. Not only do skylights bring in more sunlight, they do it without the need for privacy-enhancing curtains or blinds. It’s a win-win.

Marble or Travertine Flooring

Marble and travertine offer very different looks. The former is often bright, clean, and modern-looking, whereas the latter provides a warmer, earthy vibe. Both are trendy, it just depends on what kind of look you’re going for in your master bathroom. No matter which one you choose, your bathroom is sure to impress.


Did you know wainscotting is making a comeback? Many bathroom renovations are getting creative by using tile as wainscotting, which adds drama and an extra punch to a master bathroom. When placed behind a soaking tub, it draws the eye to your centerpiece even more. Add it for a hint of personality to your bathroom walls.

Brushed Brass

You’ve probably seen gold fixtures making a comeback, too. Rather than polished brass, brushed gold fixtures bring a sense of elegance and style to a bathroom without feeling dated. They also blend well with both modern and traditional color schemes, like grays and beiges.

Built-In Storage

For many people, storage is a major priority in the bathroom. With linens, toiletries, and other essentials to keep within reach yet out of sight, your master bathroom should offer efficiency in this area. Consider adding extra cabinets with a large, double vanity or a built-in linen closet. Having too much storage space is always a better option than not enough.

Tile Showers & Backsplashes

Textured tile is all the rage right now. Whether you prefer classic white subway tiles or options with a more geometric design, these accent pieces are sure to make a splash. Add them to a glass-door shower or create a focal point behind the bathroom sink and vanity with a backsplash. Take the tile all the way to the ceiling for an added wow-factor.

Updating your master bathroom is an exciting process. Do some research to decide on your must-haves and your nice-to-haves, then work with an experienced contractor to bring your vision to life. And just think: In a short span of time, you’ll be relaxing in your updated, dream master bathroom.

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