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8 Signs Your Kitchen Needs an Upgrade

If you’re a home renovation TV show enthusiast, there are few things more rewarding that watching a kitchen before and after. There’s something about taking a dark, cramped space with a range and a sink and turning it into a spacious, practical and beautiful kitchen the whole family wants to be upgrades in columbus ohio

8 Signs Your Kitchen Needs an Upgrade

If you’re not sure if your kitchen is ready to be an “after” but you’re starting to think about a kitchen remodel, there are some signs that can point you in the right direction. Here are eight signs your kitchen needs an upgrade.

Upgrade your kitchen if the layout is bad

The layout of a kitchen can mean the difference between an efficiently prepared meal and a holiday family gathering nightmare. If you’re constantly moving from one end of your space to the other to make even simple meals, or there’s no logic to the flow or storage, it’s time for a kitchen upgrade. A new kitchen renovation can vastly improve the layout of the space. The right designer can make sure you get everything you want out of your space, even if you can’t increase square footage.

Upgrade your kitchen if it is cramped or there is not enough storage

Even large kitchens can have a bad layout, but there’s no saving a too-small kitchen from being too small. If you’re using parts of the stove top as meal prep space, or if you can only fit one or two people at a time in your kitchen, it’s time to consider upgrading your kitchen. This is especially true if you find you have nowhere to store your kitchen accessories or pantry items. Many homeowners know the frustration of opening a cabinet and seeing it stuffed to the brim with container lids, spices and the new air fryer, and having it all come tumbling out.

A great design build team can work with your home’s footprint to find a few extra square feet for a small kitchen. They can also design clever storage solutions if you’re unable to gain significant square footage. So if you long for a special drawer just for lids the right firm can make it happen.

Upgrade your kitchen if it is cut off from the rest of your home

Connected kitchens continue to be a trend that homeowners love. This doesn’t mean that your kitchen must flow right into the family room, but it does mean that more and more folks are opting to have a kitchen that feels like a part of everything else. If your kitchen is tucked away behind walls or doors or if you have FOMO during family gatherings, it’s time to think about a kitchen upgrade.

Upgrade your kitchen if the cabinets are outdated or damaged

There are some cabinet styles that can withstand the test of time, and others that only need a bit of TLC every few years to look great in a kitchen. But there are still others that are either complete eyesores (we’re looking at you, laminate-front 80s cabinets) or made of such horrible materials, they’re not worth saving.

New cabinets can totally change the look, feel and even storage layout of your kitchen. Plus, if you haven’t experienced the joy of a soft-close door or tidy custom drawer sliders and dividers, it’s time to feel how these changes can improve your kitchen and your home.

Upgrade your kitchen if your appliances are old or don’t fit

That pink double door oven from the 50s sure is adorable, but it constantly delivers brownies that are bunt on the edges and raw in the middle. Old appliances, or appliances that don’t fit your kitchen layout sometimes need a new kitchen altogether. Kitchen appliances have come a long way in the past few decades, too. So it’s not surprising to us when a client wants to design a kitchen around a brand new induction stove. We get it.

Upgrade your kitchen if you don’t have food prep space

We see it all the time in older kitchens–the square footage is decent, but there’s barely any true counter space to prep food. Or perhaps you’ve “fixed” your storage problem by keeping everything on the counter. Either way, if you enjoy cooking or often have to cook for a large crowd, you need more than the sliver of counter space between the sink and the stove to get the job done. A new island might do the trick (and not one of those rolling ones from a big box store). Or, a brand new approach with how your kitchen uses its footprint can double or triple your counter space and food prep space.

Upgrade your kitchen if there’s mold or mildew

Once mold or mildew is in the walls or floors of your kitchen, it’s going to be a tough job to spot treat it. Mold and mildew tends to happen when an existing kitchen is old or the plumbing hasn’t been upgraded in some time. If you smell it, it’s there, and you’re likely going to need to rip it all out and start again.

Upgrade your kitchen if no one wants to be there

Perhaps your kitchen is spacious and has plenty of counterspace, but it’s old, worn down or dark. In fact, unless someone is grabbing a snack, no one wants to spend time with a glass of wine there, or having a chat with a neighbor, let alone cooking a meal. This is a huge sign that the space that should be the “heart of the home” has zero appeal, and it’s time to consider a kitchen upgrade. A great kitchen renovation can draw people together like never before, and you might even find you host and cook more.

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