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7 Hot Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2022

kitchen remodeling trends for 2022

Do you have big goals for 2022? This could be the year to make the commitment to remodel your kitchen. No matter what you have in mind, we’re guessing you want to create a space that’s both attractive and functional.

Which styles are hot right now? And will their popularity last into future years? We put together a list of kitchen remodeling trends for 2022 based on what style choices we’ve seen among our clients. We also included hot remodeling ideas predicted by interior design experts.

2022 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Multiple Islands

There’s something beautiful and functional about a large kitchen island. If you have the space for it, why not have more than one? Islands are multipurpose. Not only can you use them for food prep and cooking, you can also use them as workspaces for remote work, desks for doing homework, areas for crafts, and more. Since the kitchen is the central gathering place in the home, use multiple islands to create plenty of areas for gathering.

Pops of Color

kitchen design and remodel trends

Neutral tones like black and white will always be in style. But this year, we expect to see bold pops of color in kitchen remodels. Greens and blues will be especially trendy colors. Think about including green or blue in a tile backsplash, the island cabinets, or in the accompanying counter-height bar stools.

Slab Backsplashes

A new trend we’re seeing is entire slab backsplashes replacing intricate tile backsplashes. Say goodbye to grout and hello to sleek, seamless materials like quartz or marble. It’s a contemporary option that gives the kitchen a sleek look. Not only is it luxurious and extravagant, it’s easy to maintain with quick wipe-downs for food splatters. No more scrubbing grout. You’ll certainly be on-trend if you choose a slab backsplash for your kitchen remodel this year.

White Oak Cabinets

natural wood kitchen remodel

One way to jump on the 2022 kitchen trends train is to choose modern, light wood-toned cabinets. It’s also a great way to get the farmhouse look that’s grown in popularity in recent years, if that’s the look you’re going for. You can expect to see more white oak cabinets mixed with sleek slab doors, neutral countertops, and brushed nickel or gold hardware this year.

No Hardware

Speaking of hardware, we’re seeing more people shy away from using it in their kitchens. Since sleek is the style many people are going for, one way you can get this look is by opting for no hardware on your cabinets and drawers. Instead, choose cabinetry that’s functional even without knobs and pulls. This is especially perfect for those who can’t decide which style of hardware they like best — no choice necessary!

Crown Molding-Free Cabinets

One style trend that’s on the rise is upper cabinets that don’t have any crown moldings on top. This creates a modern yet simple look. It’s a unique way to give your cabinets their own flair while maintaining a contemporary style, and it’s sure to look great with the white oak cabinets that are also popular in 2022.

Connected Kitchensconnected kitchen trend

Kitchens that feel like a part of other areas of the home continue to be a trend beloved by homeowners. This isn’t the same as an open concept home, where the kitchen, dining area and family room are all one space. It could mean taking down a wall or two to make the kitchen more accessible from other areas of the home. If you feel like you’re closed off from the rest of your family while in the kitchen, you might want to consider making your kitchen more connected to the rest of the house.

Whether you combine all of these 2022 kitchen remodeling trends into your design, or just one, you’re sure to create a stylish yet functional room. Make the central part of your home the best it can be, and do it in a way that makes you proud for years to come.

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