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6 Ceiling Treatments and Applications to Consider

black ceiling treatment with white wallsDo you want to look up to your ceiling? Give it some TLC. There are so many ceiling treatment ideas out there to consider — you’re bound to make a statement with this often overlooked part of a home renovation.

Whether your current ceiling is plain and unimpressive, or outdated and unattractive, certain applications can really bring it to life. After the renovation, guests will be impressed with the intricate details and modern touches you’ve given your ceiling.

To get your ideas flowing, consider these ceiling treatment ideas for your home remodeling project.

Types of Ceiling Treatments

Coffered Ceiling

If you’re looking for a ceiling treatment that’s elegant and timeless, look no further than a coffered ceiling. “Coffer” literally means indentation, and this type of ceiling treatment uses beams to create three-dimensional rectangular or square grids. This ceiling detail creates a major focal point in the room, so it’s perfect for large spaces like living rooms, dining rooms, and master bedrooms.

Patterned Shiplap

Thanks to Joanna Gaines, shiplap is more popular than ever, and it’s not going out of style anytime soon. Many people think of using shiplap on walls, but have you ever thought about putting it on your ceiling? It’s a fantastic yet simple way to bring texture and a pattern to the room. Consider a criss-cross or herringbone pattern paired with recessed lighting for your bathroom remodel or kitchen renovation.

Bold Color

A unique way to set your ceiling apart (and make a huge statement) is to keep your walls and trim neutral but add bold color to your ceiling. For example, a bedroom or family room with white walls and trim but a dark, black ceiling looks dramatic and elegant. It’s the perfect way to bring your ceiling to life, especially for those with a lower budget.

Big Beams

Adding wood beams to a room with tall ceilings is one way to draw eyes up and bring on the wow-factor. Large, wooden beams add contrasting depth (and color, depending on your color choice) to the room and draw attention to the high ceilings. Guests will gravitate towards the room and enjoy spending quality time with you in the space.

Tray Ceiling With a Twist

You’ve heard of the classic tray ceiling, right? A tray ceiling has a center section that’s several inches (or sometimes several feet) higher than the areas closest to the perimeter of the room. It’s a popular ceiling application, especially in master bedrooms and living rooms. Consider taking this idea to the next level by adding lighting to the recesses of the ceiling. This creates a dramatic, intimate effect that’s sure to impress.


Do you want more natural light without using up valuable wall space with more windows? Let the light shine down through your ceiling. Open it up by adding a few skylights, which look modern and elegant. Not only do skylights bring in more sunlight, they do it without the need for privacy-enhancing (and sometimes pricey) curtains or blinds.

Many people forget about their ceilings when pursuing a home renovation, but these special areas of the home have so much potential. It’s the perfect place to showcase your style and add more personality to your home. Look for ways to draw eyes up with an attention-getting ceiling treatment.

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