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2023 Interior Design Trends Forecast

2023 interior design trends

2023 is moving along quickly, we’re loving the interior design trends we’ve seen so far. They’re bold and innovative, yet have a nostalgic feel. If you’re planning to remodel or renovate any part of your home this year, use this interior design trends forecast for 2023 to ensure the elements you choose are in style.

It’s true — we can’t predict every design trend that will become beloved by the mass majority of homeowners this year, but we’ll give it our best shot:

Neoclassicism Style

neoclassicism styleNeoclassicism is a style that prioritizes traditional design components. The way it uses symmetry is comfortable and alluring. It’s no wonder we’re falling back in love with neoclassical design — with its emphasis on intricate and symmetrical lines, it’s a logical step following the success of mid-century modern.

This style often features:

  • Noticeable horizontal and vertical lines
  • Geometric (and symmetric) decorative elements
  • High ceilings, decorative moldings and other architectural elements
  • Large windows and mirrors

If there’s one thing we love about the neoclassical style, it’s how it emphasizes elegance and sophistication without being gaudy and glaring. It brings just enough personality and comfort without too much flare.

Silver and Iron Accentssilver and iron accents

We’re predicting that this year, golds and bronzes are out, and silver and iron are in. There is a timeless sophistication to silver and iron, which is why it’s beloved for things like kitchen hardware, light fixtures, and faucets.

In particular, you can expect to see more of the following throughout 2023 and beyond:

  • Polished aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Nickel


textured tile

Texture was trendy last year, and it’s still holding down the fort in 2023. You’ll see it grow in popularity on walls, tile, and just about everywhere else because it adds a unique dimension to the room.

Last year, tiles with raised graphics created bold and unique patterns unlike anything we’d seen before. And we’re still seeing our clients choose these types of dimensional tiles. You can expect to see much texture in the coming year.

Concrete Floors

Are industrial buildings the only places suitable for concrete floors? No way. Every year this flooring type gains popularity, and this year it’s finally going to enter trend status. We love concrete floors because of their:

  • Durability
  • Toughness
  • Low Maintenance
  • Affordability
  • Water resistance (when sealed)
  • Simplicity

Concrete floors can give your kitchen a more opulent feel, depending on the aesthetic of the rest of the room. When you add staining to the mix, concrete floors are incredibly versatile. Depending on the style you’re going for, you could dye your concrete to resemble marble or apply a deep stain to make it look like traditional or rustic hardwood.

Bold Colors

bold colorsMany clients chose to incorporate more color into their home remodels throughout 2022, and we expect this trend to continue. We saw pops of color in kitchens and bathrooms — many clients chose to use color for their cabinets and islands. Various shades of blues and greens will rule in 2023, and we see this already with PPG’s 2023 color of the year: Vining Ivy.

Some people are uncomfortable with using bold colors, but they can add a lot of energy to a room. If it makes you nervous, try painting an accent wall first. Paint is easy to change if you decide you don’t like it. To step outside your comfort zone but stay trendy, choose something that complements your existing accents in the room.


2023 interior design trends: Curvature

Say goodbye to straight, sleek lines and hello to all things round. We’re talking about curved door frames, cabinets, countertops, molding, bathtubs, mirrors, hardware, and more. Adding curvature creates more of a traditional, vintage, or elegant vibe, which aligns well with the trend away from modern and more towards neoclassicism that we noted above.

How do you make sure your upcoming home remodel uses the latest and greatest trends? Follow the advice of interior design experts who know. Keep these current trends in mind as you make decisions about your home remodel, from the flooring and lighting to the wall color and accent items. It’s time to put the 2023 interior design trends to good use and make your home everything you want it to be.

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