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Winter Care & Hardscapes



Guests: Marc Aubry & Adam May- Greenscapes


It’s only about 30 days until Spring! It has been a light winter in central Ohio and spring is expected early this year.  Having less snow this year, we can expect plants to flower and bloom as soon as we have consistent warmer weather.

Preparing for spring begins with early pruning, edging, and mulch.  For larger plants, pruning can be done in early March. For smaller plants and shrubs, the standard rule is to wait until at least Mother’s Day to prevent a final frost from causing any damage.

Thinking ahead not only for the seasons but for the future of your home is important for landscapes, especially for larger planting such as trees and bushes.  When buying a home and planning a new landscape, think about the exterior and what you may want to add in the way of outdoor living. Will you add a patio or pool in the future?  Remodeling and room additions are also important to consider. Planting large trees and shrubs could require replanting or even complete removal if plans for your landscape change.