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Winter Maintenance Tips


Tune in for the full list of your winter maintenance tips and to-dos!

Outdoor tasks:

  • Walk around your home’s exterior and check the crawl space vents located at the foundation, close any that are open.
  • Protect your central air conditioning unit with a cover, and remove and store window air conditioners.
  • Clean and store your garden tools
  • Move snow shovels and snow blowers to a convenient location.

Indoor tasks:

  • Change or clean your furnace filters.  Consult manufacturer instructions for your furnace. Determine how frequently the filters should be replaced.
  • Clean kitchen appliances inside and out, including refrigerator coils.
  • Maintain clean drains by adding one-half-cup baking soda followed by one-half-cup white vinegar.  After 10 minutes, flush with boiling water.