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Winter Landscape



Guest: Marc Aubry & Adam May, GreenScapes

Winter landscape is an important topic for Ohio residents. Taking care of the exterior of your home during colder weather can be impactful when the warmer months arrive. Four season design is important to consider and the team at GreenScapes is always available to help.

When the leaves are gone, the outdoors can feel bare. Evergreens are a great choice to keep color in the colder months, especially ones that have red berries for some extra landscape interest.  Red twig dogwood is also a common shrub that is larger and shows off red twigs in the less colorful season.

Before winter beings, most of your home’s landscape should be put to bed. Last of the leaf and liter in beds should be picked up and removed. This is important to prevent pests in the warmer season.  Pruning can be done in moderation at this point in the season.  Grass should also be cut one last time, typically around Thanksgiving. Marc recommends cutting a little lower than normal for the winter to prevent length in case of warmer weather.