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The Remodeling Details


Guest: Greg Reis- Dave Fox Design | Build Remodelers


Skilled trades are a great place to start for students who don’t see college as the best next step after high school. The trade employment shortage is continuing to increase while student debt is on the rise. Dave Fox is committed to helping alleviate the trade shortage in central Ohio by bringing awareness to students and providing internships within our company.

The difference is in the details and when it comes to remodeling, there are a lot of details to consider.  Plumbing is a large part of the home and is usually a large part of any remodel. When starting plumbing in the home, a great place to begin is in the basement and work your way up, looking for potential plumbing in the walls or soffits. You can also have an idea if there could be plumbing above a kitchen for example, if it has a bathroom on the second floor. Seeing these ahead of time allows for a better assessment of the work and in turn, a more accurate project cost.

In terms of a bathroom remodel, key factors to consider are the structure of the home and where pipes will need to be moved for water.  If you are installing a new tub or shower, for example, the floor joists must have enough support for the weight of those including the water. Always be sure to consider code and best installation practices.

Electrical work is another critical detail in remodeling.  Starting with your electrical panel, lights and appliances need a certain amount of electricity. If you have an outdated electrical panel, updating may be required to meet code and the requirements of today’s newer technology. Modern wiring also has safety features that did not exist years ago such as grounding and GFCI. Updating your home to a new system can prevent sparks or potential electrical issues especially during a remodel.