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Summer GreenScapes


Guest: Marc Aubrey, GreenScapes

Tune in and get all the info about your summer landscaping!


Greenscapes has been a familiar name in the Columbus area for many years. They cover small and large projects from garden beds and maintenance to larger jobs such as pools, outdoor kitchens and entertainment.  Much like Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers process, Greenscapes can be reached by phone or email to set up an initial consultation.  If the client would like to move forward, they go into a design agreement where Greenscapes will create scaled drawings and provide and accurate estimate to as far as materials and other factors.  From there, clients are presented with designs and can make any further adjustments if necessary. Once they are approved, the design contract is signed, and work begins.

There is a lot to consider when choosing plants for your home and landscape. Will it flourish in our climate? Does it need sun or shade?  More water or less water and how often?  The Ohio summer season specifically, the first thing to consider is sun or shade.  Consider the layout of your home and what areas are receiving what type of climate during the day. It can be a challenge as just a few feet and time of shade or sun can be all difference for a plant to prosper or suffer.

Summer in Columbus can be challenging with hot, dry air.  Giving the plant water provides them the necessity to establish a root system and be strong later in its life. Instead of just watering heavily after the plant is initial placed, continue watering to strengthen the initial growth.  Watering in the early morning is best. Later in the day or at night can lead to fungi problems with water sitting without any absorption.  Existing plants do not need as much water, but it is still vital.  Thicker mulch beds can provide a more consistent cool, damp environment underground for plants as well as stifle the growth of weeds.