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Social Media & Remodeling


Guest: Jamie Bratslavsky, Marketing Director- Dave Fox Design|Build Remodelers


Finding, communicating, and sharing information are the main reasons for social media in general and in remodeling. Social media sites in remodeling include Houzz, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other search engines including Yelp, Angie’s List, Linked In, and Guild Quality Reviews.

Some key things to remember is that social media in remodeling can help you find inspiration, the right contractor, and in turn, provide the contractor with what you envision for your projects such as wants, needs, design and other elements.

Hashtags are user-generated keywords to help others find the specific information they are searching. For example, if you are looking for kitchen inspiration you may search cabinetry, kitchen islands, countertops. Hashtags can be very broad or specific for a narrower search.

Houzz was ultimately created by a couple completing a remodeling project of their own. It is completely home related and is made to help your project go smoothly. Share idea boards, find contractors, see inspiration, and find materials you are interested in for your remodeling project. Tags in photos can take you directly to a specific product, color, material or more in photos.

Cost VS Value is a great home remodeling tool to see project costs in your area and evaluate budget expectations.  Permits are pulled by a third-party company to gather data and find an average number for the cost of certain remodeling projects such as a kitchen, bath, room addition, etc. You can even narrow costs down by materials being used and other factors including square footage.