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Remodeling Start to Finish


Guest: Greg Reis, Production Manager & Jamie Bratslavsky, Marketing Director- Dave Fox Design|Build Remodelers

Many times, consumers call Dave Fox with a remodeling project in mind but have never experienced any kind of remodeling in their home. Unless they are a past client of Dave Fox Remodeling, they haven’t experienced our Dave Fox design-build process. Even though every remodeling project is unique, our process is always the same.

Before a remodeling contract is even signed, part of the remodeling process has already taken place between the Design Consultant and Interior Designer to make sure that your project is set and ready to go before construction begins.

Pulling permits is an important step in the remodeling process.  Every zoning permit is different when it comes to rules and regulations.  These zoning permits work alongside city codes. For example, windows have their own code standard, but depending on where you live, they must also match the zoning requirements.

After a remodeling contract is signed, the Dave Fox team works together to walk through your entire remodeling project. They discuss all the details such as planning, logistics and preventing any unforeseen problems that could arise.  Following this meeting, an on-site meeting takes place in the clients home where they are introduced to their production manager and learn more about their production team.

Our Dave Fox production team is made up of highly skilled craftsman that are broken down into individual teams.  Each production team is assigned to a project from start to finish in most cases. After construction begins, the Production Manager is in charge of managing the remodeling project, with the support of the entire team, until it is complete.

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