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Project of the Month- Open Concept


Guest: Scott Hennick, Design Consultant- Dave Fox Design|Build Remodelers

Tune in and hear from Scott on this months Project of the Month!


A kitchen & Family room project, built in the 1980’s.  A galley kitchen gave little room for their large family and entertaining. An adjacent wall between the living room and kitchen cut the space in half. The clients wanted to remodel to open the space to provide more room in their home.  Being that the wall was partly structural, removing it required a unique design solution that included the support beam while still reaching the initial goal of opening the space.

Wanting to stay in the home and area long term is what made the decision to remodel easy for these homeowners.  Besides opening the space, other goals included a large island and more storage space. Creating a large island gave designers a creative solution for the support beam in the kitchen. Instead of removing the beam, the Dave Fox team created a second faux beam to have one on each end of the island for aesthetics and still create an open space for everyone to gather.

Having hardwood floors can be tricky when it comes to remodeling. Matching a specific wood flooring requires a technique called toothing.  Being that it is a certain oak wood floor with a certain stain, the Dave Fox team took new pieces of flooring and carefully placed it within the old flooring to allow for an even transition that is unrecognizable.  If not for using this technique, the change from old to new flooring would be distinctly visible.