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Project of the Month


Guest: Laura Thompson, Interior Designer- Dave Fox Design|Build Remodelers


The project of the month consists of a multi-room first floor remodel in Columbus, Ohio including the removal of walls for an open concept, adding wood floors throughout the home and creating an expansive master suite by combining two small rooms and adding a bath.

The client came to us after down-sizing into a one-story ranch style home.  The exterior needed updating and the inside wasn’t conducive to how the client wanted to live. There were a lot of confined spaces that required the removal of walls to create an open concept.  Another item on the clients remodeling wish list included an updated master suite that was created by converting two small bedrooms into one large space.  The original wood floor was continued throughout the home and into the new master suite. Windows were removed, added and adjusted to bring light and rework the interior layout of the home.

The design process, from start to finish, always has a consistent flow of communication between the design team, production, and the client. Originally, the exterior was designed to be a slate blue with white trim. After further discussion, a taupe was included in the final design as well as a stone to add texture to the home’s exterior.  A rendering was created to show the client what the home would look like and give them a sense of the final design.