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Potential ‘Bumps’ in Remodeling


Guest: Steve Dempsey, Dave Fox Remodeling


When it comes to remodeling, there can be hidden dangers or other factors hiding behind walls that homeowners are unaware of before buying or while living in a home.  Even when planning for a home remodel, many factors that change over time including code standards, floor plan trends, or new technology, especially in older homes, can prevent Dave Fox from knowing every exact factor that is going to be involved in a client’s remodel.  In a time where open concepts are popular, pipes and other utilities require planning. In the past, everything was housed in the walls. By removing those walls, all the pipes and electrical need to be moved as well.

In older homes, check the outside of the home first.  Be aware of everything from roofs to gutters, siding, and doors. After that, check the bones of the home. Depending on how old the home is, check things such as water lines and mechanicals for older materials that could be deteriorating. Finally, check the spaces that are going to be remodeled for any potential challenges.