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Patios & Pavers


Guest: Heather Johnson & Brit Warren, Hamilton Parker

Exterior spaces & hardscape products available at Hamilton Parker range including stone, brick, and various other masonry.

Clients looking to expand or remodel their outdoor living space can do so in style with ever-changing shapes and designs in patio pavers and stone. Shapes such as hexagons or oversized plank pavers that are now available.  There is a time and place for every product.  Many clients think of a smaller, traditional brick patio when envisioning their outdoor space but there are more options out there.  One growing area includes porcelain pavers for exteriors that can make a seamless transition from inside to outdoors.

From fireplaces to outdoor kitchens, many homeowners are adding what they feel is extra square footage on to their home.  The patio is becoming a gathering place for family and friends to spend time in the warmer months.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match materials and products that best fit your style. Understand how you will be using the outdoor area and what your needs will be such as stain resistance and the temperature products can reach in the sun.

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