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Outdoor Living & Patios


Guest: Mike Chekanoff, Sales Manager & Exterior Living Team-APCO

APCO is Columbus based company specializing in all things exterior from windows, to siding, doors, roofing, and outdoor living.

Outdoor living spaces are becoming more prominent in remodeling and homeowners are looking to have a natural transition from the indoors to outside.  Having busy schedules, many consumers prefer outdoor materials that are as maintenance-free as possible. These products include PVC, composites, aluminum rails and more.

Exterior patios, decks, and sunrooms should complement your home and lifestyle. Designing your outdoor living space or remodel to complement the existing exterior of the home is recommended by APCO for a smooth transition. The function should also be a consideration in the design. How much seating will you need, do you want the grill to be a prominent part of the patio or tucked away when not in use?  You should also think about not only the outside view but what the view looks like from the inside looking out.

For homeowners who enjoy the outdoors but want protection from outdoor elements, screened porches are a great option.  Installing screened porches can be done all at once or in phases with APCO. If you are starting from scratch, a deck installation may be the first step or if you currently have a deck, a screened-in porch can be a great addition to the existing work.

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