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Project of the Month: First-Floor Master Suite


Guest: Keith Sharrock, Design Consultant- Dave Fox Design|Build Remodelers

Tune in and hear about our May Project of the Month! Learn more about transforming a space into a beautiful, accessible home.


Keith Sharrock, a Design Consultant at Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers, has been with Dave Fox for over 11 years and is joining us for our May Project of the Month. As a Design Consultant, Keith meets with clients, assess their design needs, thinks about their future and how to have the highest quality of life in their homes.  Thinking about the future in a space is an important aspect of remodeling. After living in the home for many years, clients sometimes miss what could be a potential option to remodel their home efficiently.

A two-story home in Hilliard, Ohio, these clients were torn between moving from their home of many years or staying and remodeling for first-floor living.  Having an unused dining room and living room, these clients knew they wanted to stay in their home if possible.  Considering remodeling costs, clients must think about the design and option that are involved in making their home what they need. Location, lifestyle, and neighbors are also factors when considering remodeling or selling your home.

An elevator option was discussed for the couple at first but after further discussion with their Dave Fox designer and their initial consultation in their home, the clients decided first-floor living was a better option for their future.

Aging in place comes in different forms of remodeling.  Whether it needs to be accessible to someone in the home currently such as a child or older adult, or assisting someone who needs accessibility in a shower, bath, kitchen or another area of the home.  Accessibly can be seen in widening doorways, adding grab bars, lowering light switches, curbless entry, and even utilizing technology in a remodel.