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Market Trends: Tiles, Pavers, Masonry, & Outdoor Living


Guest: Randi Garris & Heather Johnson, Hamilton Parker

Hamilton Parker works with product directors of various companies to determine what the next step is in offering new products to the clients for remodeling their central Ohio homes. There are a lot of factors that come into play when determining these products such as how the item is displayed, how they interact together, and the overall experience for the client. The goal is to always meet the product needs of the client and determine what will work best in their home.

Currently, in the final steps of remodeling their Columbus showroom, Hamilton Parker has completely transformed the space for their clients and guest to experience.  Natural light played a huge role in transforming the showroom and offering new and trending products. Opening the walls allowed for creative thinking when designing product displays and interactions. Also included at the Hamilton Parker showroom, an outdoor space featuring paver patios, and in the future, grills, pergolas, and outdoor living spaces.

Trending now is color and pattern, especially in tiles. Hamilton Parker is always looking for the next interesting tile design available. Tile has become a large industry and with advanced technology, more styles, designs, textures, and patterns are available. Outdoor pavers in masonry have also come a long way in style and material. Porcelain pavers can replicate almost any material such as wood planks, that won’t have the same maintenance or care required as a real wood plank being exposed to the outdoor elements.

Overall, natural and earth tones have become trending in the remodeling industry. Any part of the home can include natural elements such as wood look tiles, marble, and other natural elements. Kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, fireplaces and even creating a natural transition from interior to the great outdoors.

Hamilton parker is a 3rd generation family-owned business established in Columbus, Ohio. Their second central Ohio location is in Delaware as well as two other locations near Cleveland and Cincinnati.