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Know Your Home Series: Windows & Doors


Guest: Greg Reis, Production Manager- Dave Fox Design|Build Remodelers

Tune in as we continue our Know Your Home Series. Learn more about the windows and doors for your home or remodel.


Opening an area of the home in a remodel that was originally insulated, to something that does not have the same structure, requires checking that it is not only installed correctly but that it is right for the home and environment. Insulation value, sealing and other elements affect the impact a window can have on home temperatures and HVAC expenses.

The largest difference between interior and exterior doors are the insulation values. Interior doors require very little, if any insulation, while exterior doors need insulation to keep the home at temperature and withstand the exterior elements. Interior doors can vary in finishes, design and hardware options. Exterior doors can have similar elements and designs but require maintenance and special exterior products.

Windows constantly change in the industry with new products and styles available.  Every window comes with a manufacture sticker with an R-value (insulation value). This value is important to keep energy costs low in the home. Reasons that R-value could be diminished include poor insulation during initial installation or bad weather stripping.