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Know Your Home | Finishes


Guest: Greg Reis, Dave Fox Design|Build Remodelers

Interior finishes consist of any interior aspect of the home from cabinets to paint, lighting, trim, molding and more.  These are typically the last details of any home remodel or renovation.

Cabinetry is one of the larger interior finishes in a remodel and probably the single most expensive of interior finishes. Cabinets have changed over time. Before, they were built and installed directly on the wall of the home. Now, cabinetry is being built in factories in modular units and being delivered to install during the remodel. There are different types of cabinetry brands as well depending on the quality level, material, design and price point.

For homeowners looking for cabinets, start with your price point and compare features when it comes to cabinets lines. Think about durability, material and extra features such as soft-close or easy close drawers.  Look for strong, soft closing hinges. This will allow your cabinet doors to last longer.  Between banging against the frame of the cabinet or fracturing the wood over time, investing in a good hinge is preferable for the long-term investment. Drawers are also a high functioning piece of cabinetry. Make sure your drawer hardware and box construction are durable for high use and the weight that will be placed in it.

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