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Guest: Courtney Burnett, Dave Fox Design|Build Remodelers
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The holidays are coming and it’s the time of year when most families spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Whether cooking or enjoying food, it’s inevitable that the kitchen will be the place to be.  If you have already started thinking about a kitchen remodel or the holidays make you reconsider your kitchen space, here a few things to think about when looking at a full kitchen remodel.

Research appliances; there are so many options available today. Technology alone has drastically changed over the last few years. Nothing is really considered standard anymore.  Besides internet research, visit showrooms where you can talk to an expert and potentially try the appliance before you buy it.  Another factor to consider before a kitchen remodel is what doesn’t work well in your kitchen. Before deciding what you would like on your ‘want’ list, think about how you use your kitchen daily and what is not functional for you and your family. Then from there, write down wants and priorities for the space.  This can help in budgeting and finding out what is most in your kitchen remodel.

Cabinets can be the largest part of a kitchen budget.  There is a wide range of cabinet lines available where research can guide you in the right direction. Cabinets have many variations from design, to material and even the build type.  Look into different brands and speak to representatives that can tell you more about the cabinet lines and options.