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Guest: Brad Pope & Suzy Street, MOEN

MOEN is a company named after Al Moen, who developed the single lever faucet in 1937 after burning his hand on a mixed water faucet.  It is now an international company based out of Ohio.

The MOEN brand began with shower and bathtub valves, but the concept was always to give consumers plumbing access in their homes and mixed water capabilities. After those were established, they began gearing towards contractors and remodelers who could install and maintain the product. Today, consumers drive trends on everything MOEN offers, there is very rarely a standard product, color or style in the fast-changing remodeling industry.

MOEN offers hundreds of options today. Once, a 10-page catalog with very few options, now MOEN offers 25-30 products with many different finishes and alterations for designers, remodelers and consumers to choose from for their bath or kitchen remodel.

Technology is ever-changing but in recent years the bath industry and MOEN have been taking large steps to make our homes smarter.  Moving from mechanical to digital is allowing for more consumer-friendly products. The digital shower began in 2009 and moved forward with the touchless faucet and in 2017 launched the first connected product. These products are allowing consumers to not only control their products more but is accessible through smartphones and voice activation.

Flo by MOEN is a whole home water monitoring and detection system for consumers.  Water damage can be a huge problem for homeowners, more so than theft or fire.  The Flo by Moen can detect a minor leak before it becomes a larger problem.  The Flo is one device that connects to the home’s Wi-Fi but connects to traditional plumbing lines during installation.  This device first detects normal water usage in your home. From there, the system continuously looks for any activity that is abnormal or vulnerabilities in your pipe system. This system is a great preventative tool for homeowners to be more connected to their homes.