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Remodeling or Updating: Fireplaces & Garage Doors


Guests: Ciera Lomphoy & Jessica Pullen, Hamilton Parker


Hamilton Parker services individual homeowners as well as builders, contractors, designers, and architects.  Their products include masonries such as stone or brick, tile, garage doors, fireplaces, and outdoor living products.

Garage doors are an important aspect of the exterior of your home. They are the last thing you see when you are leaving and the first thing you see when you get home.  Garage doors have come a long way in design and now offer more custom choices such as color, windows, wood tones, and more.  The biggest trend now is a wood look that does not require the maintenance of real wood. This option would be a steel door that has a faux wood finish. It requires much less maintenance and still provides homeowners the garage door they envision for their home or remodel.

Fireplaces have many options and a lot of parts to consider when it comes to remodeling a fireplace. Fireplaces can come in wood-burning, electric, and gas or vent free gas.  When remodeling a fireplace, the design team must assess the home for what is already in place before moving forward in choosing something new.  Things such as proper venting, how clean the fireplace is or if it could require any repair from cracks or damaged masonry. In cases where there is an addition or new build home, fireplaces are part of the planning process where it is properly framed in, all the ventilation required would be added and it would be designed for the specific type of fireplace chosen.

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