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Fireplace Remodeling 101: Ideas for Updating Your Fireplace


Guests: Ciera Lomphoy & Jessica Pullen, Hamilton Parker Co.


Updating a Fireplace in Your Home

The fireplace has always been the focal point of any room.  When it comes to updating a fireplace in your home, there are a lot of options and points to consider.  For example, if someone has a wood burning or masonry fireplace, and wants to make a change there are a few options that are available. A client could switch to gas burning logs or an insert that goes up through the chimney and creates a more efficient fireplace. The difference between the gas logs and inserts is in installation and maintenance. Gas logs are easy to install and requires less change to the fireplace itself.  Gas logs also have vented or vent-free options that are great for those who do not necessarily have a functional chimney.  Inserts have a more in-depth installation process but have a cleaner, more modern design.

When considering a new fireplace, think about how you will be using it in your home and your lifestyle.  Gas logs, wood burning, electric, and more are just the beginning. Wood burning fireplaces are nostalgic but some questions to consider would be if you have access to chopped wood, a place to store it, and willing to clean and maintain the ash and chimney?  You also must consider the construction of the fireplace. If you do not currently have a fireplace in the home, the labor that would be required for a wood burning fireplace and chimney is going to be extensive, rather than using a prefabricated fireplace.

Updating a pre-existing fireplace has its own set of options. One of the first things to have when speaking with a professional is the type of fireplace that is currently in your home. Having the model number on hand makes it easy for them to look up and give you the best options for that specific fireplace. Next, would be considering the type of style you want for the fireplace including glass doors, tile, thin brick, stone, etc. Come prepared with inspiration and ideas for what you have in mind.