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Final Fall Preparations


Guest: Marc Aubry & Adam May, Greenscapes

Greenscapes has been in business in the Columbus area for 45 years. They have been immersed in the surrounding cities and know the ins and outs of your neighborhood.  Greenscapes specializes in the Ohio climate and what is going to work best in both residential and commercial properties.

Having colder temperatures upon us, plants are no longer growing like they do in the spring, summer, and fall. Greenscapes take special care in year-round landscapes such as grass, perennials and softer shrubs. They no longer plant these items as they will not have enough time to establish

Plants that are still able to be installed by Greenscapes this time of year include trees such as evergreens, shade trees or ornamental trees. If the ground is not frozen, these plants can be placed in the ground and taken care of in the colder weather. Bulbs can also be placed that will be ready to grow come spring.

Preparing for winter in the fall includes cutting back and pruning landscape beds and perennials. Cutting them down to what they call a ‘basil growth will clean up the plants and allow for new growth with warmer weather.  Do so with caution though, as too much pruning or cutting back can cause new growth that could be detrimental to the plant if a hard freeze arrives.