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Fall Planting with GreenScapes


Guest: Marc Aubry & Adam May, GreenScapes

GreenScapes specializes in all things landscaping. They design completely new landscapes both commercial and residential. They can also update what is existing and bring it back to life with new features and ideas for your home. Features such as pools can even be implemented into a GreenScapes design. They work alongside the pool contractors to create the best design for the homeowners such as incorporating planting and pathways.

Landscaping can require patience when going through a new landscaping install or remodel. The size and scope of the project can vary greatly when it comes to the length of a project. Unique features can affect timelines when involving electricians or other contractors for amenities such as fireplaces or outdoor kitchens. Permits and other outside factors can also affect timelines.

Starting in August and through the end of September, the temperatures begin to drop.  Day time highs are down, and the night time lows are cooler as well. During the summer, plants need more water and maintenance from homeowners. Having higher nighttime lows in the summer does not give much relief for the plants after being in the sun all day.  When the night time lows drop in the fall, the plants can recover and flourish even when the days are still warm.  This is something to consider when thinking about planting in the middle of summer when many homeowners go on vacation and can’t necessarily water their landscape as much. The team at GreenScapes takes all of these factors into consideration when designing and installing your new landscape.

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